10 Best WWE Theme Songs Not Written By Jim Johnston

June 4, 2016 - WWE


As all WWE fans will know, Vince McMahon likes to heading all from sell to catchphrases – and that includes thesis songs.

In sequence for WWE to equivocate a financial con that come with chartering renouned music, a association has tasked Jim Johnston with component a immeasurable infancy of a thesis strain given 1985.

For those that are unaware, Johnston is a male behind fundamentally each WWE thesis song. If Johnston doesn’t both write and perform a theme, he during a really slightest composes a representation and sends it out to bands to yield covers, permitting WWE a infancy ownership. Even if we consider Johnston had zero to do with a WWE thesis song, he substantially did.

With that in mind, it’s a flattering large understanding when WWE allows a Superstar to have a thesis strain both achieved and created by an artist that isn’t ol’ Jimmy.

They might be few and distant between, though these are a 10 best WWE thesis songs that Jim Johnston had no palm in writing.

Just to make this charge even harder, a stipulations also extend to songs created by CFO$, who took over WWE’s thesis songwriting duties in 2014, and exemplary songs such as Flight of a Valkyries (Daniel Bryan) and Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Ric Flair).

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