10 Bold Predictions For WWE In 2017

January 2, 2017 - WWE

WWE finished certain that 2016 was a year full of surprises, from Goldberg’s lapse to AJ Styles’ entrance to a lapse of a code split.

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When 2016 started, frequency anyone could have expected that Shane McMahon would come back, that we’d have a Cruiserweight multiplication or that The Miz would develop into one of WWE’s best stars. But all of those things happened, and in 2017, we can design some-more idiocy from a WWE brand.

Whether it’s a startling pretension win, a intolerable heel spin or an indeterminate debut, we’re firm to be thrown some curveballs subsequent year, so let’s inspect what they competence be.

Here are 10 confidant predictions for WWE in 2017.

10. Enzo Amore And Big Cass Will Go Their Separate Ways

Enzo and Cass shouldn’t apart anytime soon, though we can already suppose Vince McMahon sitting on a corner of his seat, only salivating during a possibility to pull Cass as a singles performer.

For both his prolonged and short-term futures, it’s best that Cass stay with Enzo, who is one of WWE’s best mic workers and brings a best out of a large man. But WWE has a prolonged story of, for improved or worse, pulling potentially good talents before they’re ready, and a association could get a small antsy when it comes to Cass, too.

Because Cass is a categorical eventer in a making, WWE will try to get him there on his possess this year, that might be a year or dual too early.

9. The Shield Will Officially Reunite On The Same Brand

It’s transparent that there is still a enterprise among fans to see Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose get behind together as The Shield, that is something WWE teased several times in 2016.

But scarcely 3 years after The Shield initial disbanded, WWE will finally do it for real, like a finished with DX and Evolution in a past, as a approach to energise a programming by carrying all 3 Shield members together for a brief second run as a trio. It’s been transparent that this is entrance as WWE has mostly interconnected adult Rollins and Reigns recently, carrying them do a sparkling Shield powerbomb mark as a approach to exam a waters.

With a throng eating it up, demeanour for WWE to find a approach to get Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns on a same code so The Shield can wreak massacre again, even if it doesn’t final really long.

8. Shinsuke Nakamura Will Stay In NXT

The arrogance is that Shinsuke Nakamura will be promoted to Raw or SmackDown in 2017, though with Samoa Joe expected removing a callup and an already skinny categorical eventuality design in NXT, WWE will select to keep Nakamura as, like Finn Balor once was, a tip star of a brand.

Although Nakamura is positively prepared for a categorical roster, WWE will continue to see him as “the face of NXT” and be reluctant to remove a many critical star to a red or blue code until a suitable deputy has stepped up.

7. AJ Styles Will Move To Raw

AJ Styles was a best thing about WWE in 2016 in terms of only about all he did, from his unusual matches to his extensive feuds to his superb work on a mic.

Especially after SmackDown finally averaged some-more viewers than Raw, WWE will be incompetent to equivocate a enticement of relocating a best altogether performer to a ostensible flagship show. That will be a large blow to a blue brand, though with Raw still being noticed as a “A show,” Styles could be only what Raw needs to urge a struggling programming.

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