15 Phantom WWE World Title Changes

February 13, 2016 - WWE


Winning a desired WWE Championship is mostly a ultimate idea for any veteran wrestler. Despite a existence of countless other World Championships in a tellurian grappling network that is sports entertainment, a WWE’s chronicle of a tag is a decisive pretension belt and proves, but doubt, that a male wearing a bullion belongs among a chosen of a sport.

Even in a post-kayfabe epoch of a “smart mark”, a pretension of WWE Champion is still regarded as a “Holy Grail” of a wrestling business. The list of former WWE Champions is a undoubted who’s who of wrestling and a victories that line that list have spin roughly fabulous over time.

…At slightest for a many part, that is.

With over 5 decades of story literally underneath a belt, a storied board of a WWE ring has seen a innumerable of pretension changes over a years; so many, in fact, that a series of these victories are frequently abandoned and, in some cases, abandoned completely.

From topsy-turvy decisions and compare restarts to pretension vacations and win nullifications, these unrecognised championship victories have spin collectively famous over time as “phantom pretension changes”; wins that never were and formula that have given been stricken from a record books in WWE HQ.

The controversial resources surrounding these victories have caused several WWE Title wins to spin mislaid in time, relegated to a many faded pages of wrestling trivia – until now.

So squeeze a crowbar and light a flame as we impulse open a safe and revisit a many lost pretension wins that never were with a “Top 15 Phantom WWE Title Changes”.


15. Chris Jericho – WWE Raw (April 17th, 2000)


Perhaps a many famous and dear “phantom pretension change” in WWE story came when Chris Jericho dissapoint nothing other than Triple H on Raw is War in 2000; encapsulating all that was good about a Attitude Era – emotion, newness and unpredictability.

Back during a spin of a century, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were resolutely statute a roost in a WWF; proclaiming Raw underneath a control of a McMahon/Helmsley regime…and clearly not many has altered in a 16 years given then.

Meanwhile, Chris Jericho – who had spin a tack of a Intercontinental Title design given his WWF entrance in Aug of ‘99 – was gaining genuine traction as a babyface and quick creation a name for himself as one of a company’s tip performers. This workmanship was rewarded on a Apr 17th book of Raw in 2000 when Jericho was given a golden eventuality to face “The Game” in a opening contest.

Following some evident tactical goading by “Y2J”, their compare was quick upgraded to embody a pretension on a line and, only like that, a wild fans in assemblage were treated to a singular WWF Championship compare to open a show. Triple H was by distant a many hated male on TV during a time, while Jericho was red prohibited as a mid-card babyface; creation a dual group a ideal antithesis for any other.

The behind and onward movement had a throng on their feet from a opening bell and a combatants had them unresolved on their each pierce for a duration. Out of nowhere, Jericho strike Triple H with his law springboard “Lionsault” and – to a awe of everybody in assemblage and around a universe – Jericho got a pinfall and had dethroned a despised champ; receiving one of a loudest throng pops in 21st century wrestling story in a process. The perfect volume of a throng during a really impulse Earl Hebner depends to 3 stays a must-see impulse from a by-gone era.

Sadly, a celebrations and exultation wouldn’t last, as Triple H would order/bully Hebner to retreat a preference only one hour later; citing a quick count as drift for a annulment. Just like that, a bullion was returned to a hated Helmsley, many to a condemnation of a rough Penn State University crowd.

Despite a shabby pretension change, a throng greeting to a winning pinfall stays one of a many noted moments in a “Monday Night Wars” and valid but doubt that “Y2J” was a categorical eventuality player.

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