2016 WWE Royal Rumble Offers Opportunity to Introduce New Talent

January 17, 2016 - WWE

WWE‘s register is hurting. Even with a few injuries of a own, many of that we discussed on PodNastyNXT‘s register is humming. There are several talents in NXT who have valid to be some-more than able of next on a categorical register if given a correct support from a powers that be.

Unfortunately, NXT talents entrance to a categorical register have been hit-or-miss. Prospects like Kevin Owens and The Shield have thrived underneath a splendid lights of a WWE, while a list is distant longer for those who fast fizzled out.

The disproportion lies in a booking. As prolonged as WWE presents new stars as viable universe pretension contenders, they will make suggestive contributions to a Royal Rumble match. 

Owens and The Shield were immediately presented as categorical eventers and were stable with early victories over tip stars. Talents like Adam Rose, Tyler Breeze, Emma and a Divas Revolution simply seemed in a midcard and were uncelebrated from their peers.

Fortunately for NXT prospects, a Royal Rumble is a categorical event. In fact, a 2016 book will be some-more of a categorical eventuality than ever, as a WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on a line. Appearing in a compare and scoring a few high-profile eliminations will settle probable NXT warn entrants as vital players.

Injuries to would-be entrants like John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Cesaro emanate openings that can be filled with intriguing debuts designed to showcase uninformed talent.

WWE‘s reported signings of Shinsuke Nakamura and The Bullet Club, per a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc.com), aren’t a good instance of uninformed talent. No summary house has a gall to contend this, though a normal age of that decrepit organisation is 35. Still, a entrance by one of these people will make for a noted impulse among hardcore fans, who tend to make adult a good apportionment of Royal Rumble live crowds.

It’s probable that WWE fills adult a Royal Rumble pool with lower-midcard categorical register talent that differently has no business competing for a championship. Not usually would this be a mistake, though it would also impede what it means to contest for a championship match.

As comical as The Social Outcasts are, does anybody consider they are honourable of an fugitive event to contest for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

A identical evidence could be done about NXT talents, though Owens kick Cena in his initial match, and The Shield degraded dual destiny WWE Hall of Famers and a impassioned Ryback—who was a No. 1 Contender for a WWE Championship during a time—in their debut. History dictates it’s not crazy to consider that an NXT Superstar or Diva can have a breakthrough win in his or her debut. 

Remember Paige’s debut?

Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe or even a categorical register preview from NXT champion Finn Balor would make for interesting Royal Rumble moments that supplement value to a match. WWE‘s ascent injuries give it a possibility to get artistic and take chances.

2016 will be a pivotal year for a transitory roster, and infusing some-more new talent will usually assistance a cause.


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