2018 WWE Elimination Chamber results: Live updates, recap, grades, matches

February 25, 2018 - WWE

The final Raw-brand pay-per-view is here as 2018 WWE Elimination Chamber is entrance to we live Sunday night from a T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. It is a delay of a Road to WrestleMania 34 and a potentially game-changing eventuality for WWE as it looks to build a label for a biggest uncover of a year in April.

Check out our predictions and research for a show, and find out how to watch Elimination Chamber live. CBS Sports will be with we a whole approach updating this post with live results, grades, research and highlights from a uncover once a kickoff uncover begins. To manually modernise a page and see a latest updates, click here

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2018 WWE Elimination Chamber card

  • Elimination Chamber: Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Braun Strowman vs. The Miz vs. Elias vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor*
  • Ronda Rousey strictly signs her WWE Raw contract

* To spin No. 1 contender for a concept pretension vs. Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania.

2018 WWE Elimination Chamber live results

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson def. The Miztourage around pinfall (Kickoff Show): Fairly customary tab group compare to get things started. The Good Brothers, appearing though Finn Balor, rallied for a widespread finish. Gallows strike a super flog to strike Bo Dallas off a ring apron and afterwards strike a second to building Curtis Axel. He tagged in Karl Anderson to land a Magic Killer on Axel for a 1-2-3. After a match, The Revival cut a backstage promo claiming Gallows Anderson are a “mockery” to tab group wrestling. Grade: C-

Women’s Championship — Elimination Chamber — Alexa Bliss (c) def. Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to keep a title: This initial women’s compare was high-energy and unbending from a really start. It also lived adult to expectations compared to a group in terms of storytelling and high spots. From Banks finally branch on Bayley to Bliss fortifying her pretension notwithstanding a contingency conflicting her (and slicing a ideal heel promo after), this compare scarcely had it all. After Bayley and Deville got it started, it didn’t take prolonged for a compare to spin into a tab group hitch of sorts between Absolution, that stepped adult a diversion tremendously, and a twin of Banks and Bayley. After Rose tapped out to a Banks Statement, subsequent came a initial large mark as Mickie James, who after cleaning residence on entering, strike a Thesz press off a tip of a pod to pin Deville. Just seconds later, Banks and Bayley teamed adult to discharge James following a backstabber and Bayley-to-belly suplex.

Banks and Bayley afterwards cornered Bliss’ pod to double team, that led them on a prolonged follow adult a enclosure wall to a conflicting side of a ring. But after Banks attempted to assistance Bayley to a tip of a pod, she incited on her by kicking her down. Dramatic nearby falls followed, including a frog dash from Banks on Bayley. After Bayley strike her suplex finisher from a second rope, Bliss rolled adult Bayley for a warn 1-2-3.

Bliss strike a match’s best mark with a Twisted Bliss from a tip of a pod though Banks now topsy-turvy it into a Banks Statement. The finish came moments after when Bliss grabbed Banks from a tip wire and strike her snap DDT finisher. After a match, Bliss cut a babyface promo about adventurous to dream and accomplishing your goals as a throng chanted “You merit it.” Bliss brilliantly switched to heel out of nowhere, saying, “And a existence is that nothing of we will ever accomplish any of your dreams!” Grade: A-

Tag Team Championship — The Bar (c) def. Titus Worldwide to keep a titles: This comparatively brief compare constructed a predicted ending. Apollo showcased his athleticism early by attack a dash from a tip wire onto Cesaro and Sheamus on a floor. Later, he strike a text Tope Con Hilo onto both outside. A prolonged beatdown on Apollo led to a Titus O’Neil prohibited tab and a nearby tumble when he strike Clash of Titus on Sheamus. The finish came when Cesaro tagged himself in, clout blocked Apollo and springboarded into a double-teaming path impact from Sheamus for a 1-2-3. Grade: C

Asuka def. Nia Jax around pinfall: The dominant strain that dates behind to Asuka’s 2015 NXT entrance remained total notwithstanding a mortal opening from Jax. Asuka sole energy moves for a infancy of a compare with any one of her rallies snuffed out in aroused fashion. Asuka, who topsy-turvy out of a Samoan Drop try from a tip wire to save herself, did a same to set adult a finish as Jax carried her adult for a powerbomb usually to be rolled adult by a reversing Asuka for a warn pin. While a compare was mostly process and simple with good storytelling, a post theatrics amped things up. Jax pounded Asuka from behind, threw her out of a ring and went on to strike a using dash by a block wall in front of a timekeeper. Bliss, who was smiling while examination a backstage monitor, was afterwards told by Renee Young that she would expected face Asuka during WrestleMania. “No one, not even Asuka, no one is prepared for Alexa,” she said. Grade: C+

Matt Hardy def. Bray Wyatt around pinfall: The “Woken” one showed off some-more of his abnormal abilities as his impression continues to evolves. The match, however, was mostly forgettable, in partial due to a crowd’s welfare to concentration on beach balls and a wave. After Hardy entered a ring first, Wyatt’s song strike and a lights were incited off. But when energy returned, Wyatt was in a ring though Hardy was gone, save for his coupler fibbing on a canvas. The mind games messed with Wyatt, who checked underneath a ring unsuccessfully until Hardy reemerged to strike a double mattock hoop off a second wire outside. The gait was process from that indicate forward. A array of late reversals led to Hardy joining on a Twist of Fate for a pin. Grade: C-

Ronda Rousey strictly signs her WWE Raw contract: Live now.

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