2018 WWE Extreme Rules results: Live updates, recap, grades, compare card, highlights

July 15, 2018 - WWE

Live from Pittsburgh, WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view is going down Sunday night. The installed 12-match label has resulted in a integrate pretension changes as good as a finish to some rivalries. Ultimately, Extreme Rules is also portion as a springboard to that a association will build on heading into a second-biggest PPV of a year, SummerSlam.

We have already taken an in-depth demeanour during WWE Extreme Rules forward of a show, so check out a full line-up of predictions. And don’t forget to subscribe to WWE podcast In This Corner with Brian Campbell for ongoing coverage of veteran wrestling.

CBS Sports will be with we a whole approach Sunday night with live results, analysis, grades and highlights. The live formula and highlights can be found immediately subsequent with a some-more minute summation along with grades during a bottom of this story. Be certain to hang with us around a night!

2018 WWE Extreme Rules live results, highlights

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2018 WWE Extreme Rules results, grades

Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Sin Cara around pinfall — Kickoff Show: If a idea of this compare was simply to get Almas and manager Zelina Vega over as inhuman and opportunistic heels, cruise it pursuit good done. Sin Cara rallied late with a array of high spots. He pushed Almas off a tip rope, that caused him to strike his behind on a apron. Sin Cara afterwards strike a hurricanrana from a tip wire onto a building and followed with a frog dash from a tip wire inside a ring. But a pin never happened as Vega dreaming a arbitrate by jumping on a apron. Alma’s followed with a dropkick, using knees to a face and his hammerlock DDT finisher for a 1-2-3. Nothing too special here outward of classical heel psychology, though it was effective. Grade: C+

SAnitY def. New Day (Tables Match) — Kickoff Show: Despite a brief using time to tighten a kickoff uncover and a predicted outcome with a newcomers earning a large win, cruise this a good square of business. The compare featured copiousness of teases for large list spots that would’ve won a compare though never came to fruition. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston total for a good double Tope Con Hilo mark outward before Killian Dain followed with a self-murder dive holding both of them out. The rather sudden finish came when Kingston and Alexander Wolfe were tied adult on a apron, attempting to pull a other by a list set adult on a building behind them. Wolfe went as distant as satirical Kingston’s hands to force him to give adult his hold and as Kingston was teetering, Eric Young strike a clothesline off a tip wire to put Kingston by a table. Grade: B

Raw Tag Team Championship — The B-Team def. Deleters of Worlds (c) around pinfall to win a titles: The dominant Cinderella run for a former Miztourage continues. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas available a kind of weird and roughly random feat that was identical to their new fibre of wins on Raw. The usually issue, per se, was that a compare unsuccessful to sizzle, featuring distant too many rest binds and slow-moving sequences for a normal PPV opener. Despite a intelligent early tease, we also saw really small of real-life brothers Dallas and Bray Wyatt squaring off. The finish came when Matt Hardy and Wyatt’s try to strike their finisher on Dallas was interrupted by Axel jumping on a ring apron. Dallas smartly pushed Hardy into Wyatt, who was sent drifting into Axel, promulgation both out of a ring. He afterwards strike his towering neck breaker finisher while Hardy’s legs were draped on a tip wire for a pin. Grade: C

Kurt Angle issues an final to Brock Lesnar: In a backstage interview, a Raw ubiquitous manager pronounced he was ill of Lesnar and disciple Paul Heyman refusing to urge a pretension and messing with his plans. He also lambasted Lesnar for display adult during UFC 226 and severe Daniel Cormier. Angle afterwards released an final to Lesnar, giving him 3 options: uncover adult Monday night on Raw, negotiate his subsequent concept championship compare or get nude of a title.The throng erupted during choice No. 3 with explanation putting over their greeting tough following in sequence to expostulate it home with a viewer.

Finn Balor def. Baron Corbin around pinfall: Don’t demeanour now though Balor is behind in a win column. After a tough widen of engagement in new months, Balor rallied for a warn feat in this brief though heated compare that saw a clever use of sharpening feverishness as Corbin became some-more dissapoint after any nearby fall. Corbin twice fought off attempts from Balor to strike his Coup de Grace finisher by knocking him off a ropes. After a second time, Corbin set him adult for his End of Days finisher until Balor countered with an inside cradle for a finish. One can positively design a Constable’s annoy to approaching boil over with a infamous conflict opposite Balor on Raw. Grade: B-

Team Hell No pounded backstage: Just as WWE was scheming to deliver a subsequent match, cameras cut to a backstage area where it was shown that Bludgeon Brothers had pounded Team Hell No though warning. Daniel Bryan was thrown into a garage door, and Kane had his leg dejected with a mallet. SmackDown GM Paige eventually showed adult to ease all down.

SmackDown Women’s Championship — Carmella (c) def. Asuka around pinfall to keep a title: So many for a former dominant Asuka removing behind on a winning track. Per a stipulation, Carmella’s sidekick James Ellsworth was dangling above a ring in a shark cage. He didn’t final prolonged in that spot, however. After an early try to dump a can of mist to Carmella went awry, Ellsworth picked a tighten of a enclosure and attempted to exit though got his ankle hold and hung upside down into a ring. Asuka took advantage with countless kicks until a contingent of ring workers ran in to try to follow Ellsworth. Asuka laid out all 3 in what was simply a best impulse in this sight mutilate of a match. She continued to conflict Ellsworth until Carmella pushed her from behind with Asuka conflict her face on a unresolved cage. Carmella afterwards stole a feat with a pin and hightailed out of there, withdrawal Ellsworth to be badly beaten by Asuka, including him drumming out countless times to a Asuka Lock. The usually good thing about this compare was that it was short. Grade: D

United States Championship — Shinsuke Nakamura def. Jeff Hardy (c) around pinfall to win a title: Talk about a clever and elementary square of booking. The heel Nakamura waited for a referee’s behind to spin before a compare started and laid Hardy out with a low blow. After a enervated Hardy worked behind to his feet and nodded during a arbitrate to start a match, Nakamura now strike his Kinsasha for a 6-second victory.

Out came Randy Orton for a initial time in dual months. He stared down Nakamura, who stood adult on tip of a announce table. But Orton afterwards returned to a dim side by stomping on a groin of Hardy and walking divided as Nakamura gave a undetermined look. While a finale was intentionally mysterious save for a apparent inlet of Orton’s heel turn, a discerning compare was ideal — not usually given Hardy is battling injuries in genuine life though given Nakamura is usually about batting 1.000 in his interpretation of what a heel should be. Grade: B+

Kevin Owens def. Braun Strowman around shun (Steel Cage Match): As distant as victories go, it’s doubtful there has ever been one as unpleasant as a demeanour in that Owens cumulative a win. In a dangerous high mark that won’t shortly be forgotten, Strowman transient from being handcuffed to a tip wire by ripping himself giveaway and fast climbing to a tip of a enclosure to locate Owens. With both station on a tip of a cage, Strowman chokeslammed by a ringside announce table. The compare featured copiousness of intelligent psychology and fun rabble articulate throughout. Owens not usually strike Strowman with a Stone Cold Stunner though also gave him a DX clout while handcuffed. However, it was a artistic finish that gave KO a feat and total nonetheless another singular prominence to Strowman’s categorical register reel. Grade: B+

SmackDown Tag Team Championship — Bludgeon Brothers (c) def. Team Hell No around pinfall to keep a titles: Bryan was forced to work 1-on-2 for many of a compare following a aforementioned backstage attack. He creatively rallied and seemed tighten to pulling a dissapoint until Rowan pulled Harper out of a ring as Bryan cumulative in a Yes Lock. Out came a limping Kane in a walking foot and for a brief convene that enclosed a span of chokeslams. A second Bryan convene had a champions on a ropes again until Rowan saved his teammate again. Bludgeon Brothers afterwards strike a double-team finisher as Harper landed a clothesline off a tip wire as Rowan hold Bryan up. While a compare was distant from descent deliberation Bryan carried a effort well, a finish didn’t indispensably leave a feeling that this argument is headed anywhere interesting. And could it have killed 50-year-old Kane to take a tumble in this case? Grade: C

B-Team tries to motivate Roman Reigns: Shown walking backstage by himself, a stoic Reigns was approached by a boisterous new Raw tab group champions still celebrating their victory. B-Team attempted to get Reigns energized, revelation him if they can win a titles, he can positively kick Lashley. Reigns paid them no mind, and a throng booed. At that point, he smirked.

Bobby Lashley def. Roman Reigns around pinfall: Despite early chants of “Rusev Day” and “Roman sucks” from pre-conditioned fans in what has turn a new norm, Reigns and Lashley total to furnish a compare value examination again. Not usually was their in-ring chemistry a bit stronger than expected, a movement and physicality was on point. After a rather delayed start, a second half was escalated perfectly. But in an epoch where “death, taxes and Reigns wins in a categorical event” is all though expected, both a chain on a label and a engagement of a finish were refreshing. Anyone awaiting Reigns to pin Lashley purify en track to a concept pretension compare opposite Brock Lesnar during SummerSlam now need to re-calibrate their anticipation booking.

The compare featured a array of thespian nearby falls and big-time reversals late. It also featured a heartless strike as Lashley was thrown over a tip wire and landed tough on his side. Reigns kicked out of Lashley’s straight suplex finisher, and “Bob” returned a preference by violence a count on a Superman punch. After Lashley countered Reigns’ stalk try on a building by suplexing him over a announce table, Reigns topsy-turvy a follow-up try from a tip wire by conflict Lashley with another Superman punch. But after Reigns stood over him yelling “my yard,” Lashley countered a final Superman punch try with a unbending stalk for a pin. Will Lashley be a new No. 1 contender? Grade: B+

Raw Women’s Championship — Alexa Bliss (c) def. Nia Jax around pinfall to keep a pretension (Extreme Rules Match): Ronda Rousey has been during ringside a whole show, radically for this match. Rousey’s front-row tickets came in accessible in terms of adding some fad to this no-disqualification match, even if a finish was a bit clunky. Bliss had Mickie James by her side, while Jax was represented by Rousey’s crony Natalya as Rousey finishes out her 30-day Raw cessation for aggressive Bliss and Kurt Angle. Weapons came out early in this compare as James pulled all from kendo sticks to rubbish cans from underneath a ring.

Eventually, Bliss and James teamed adult on Natalya outside, that caused Rousey to burst a block and even a sides. Rousey threw James into dual block walls and a ring apron before conflict a judo impact and throwing James into and over a announce table. An harm Rousey afterwards gave follow to Bliss, who attempted to run from ringside. But James came alive to take out Rousey with dual kendo hang shots to a back. James afterwards ran in to forestall Jax from conflict her Samoan Drop finisher on Bliss by aggressive with a chair. After dual some-more chair shots, Bliss strike Jax with a DDT on tip of a chair for a pin. While Rousey was some-more than plausible in terms of her heated attack, a fact that she was so simply taken out by dual kendo shots while James radically no-selled a whole violence she took from Rousey was tough to demeanour past. Grade: C

WWE Championship — AJ Styles (c) def. Rusev around pinfall to keep a title: Despite a WWE’s many prestigious pretension unwell to get categorical eventuality standing once again (it’s now been dual years given it categorical evented a dual-branded show), Styles and Rusev total to dull a tank in an interesting compare that took a Pittsburgh throng a prolonged time to get behind. Rusev took an ungainly strike on a ring apron early after descending from a tip wire and sole a left leg damage around that prevented him in storyline from requesting his Accolade when Styles was hurt. Styles had identical difficulty locking in his calf crusher as Rusev customarily countered or worked his approach to a ropes.

Aiden English done his participation felt late as he private a tip turnbuckle pad behind a referee’s back. But after Rusev attempted to force his harmed leg into operative prolonged adequate to request a Accolade, Styles countered and Rusev finished adult conflict a unprotected steel face first. Styles afterwards strike a springboard 450 dash though could usually get two. After holding out English with a groundwork dropkick, Styles strike his Phenomenal Forearm to urge his title. Grade: B

Intercontinental Championship — Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Seth Rollins (30-Minute Iron Man Match): Live now.  

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