5 Best Moves WWE Made In The Superstar Shakeup

April 19, 2018 - WWE

WWE done a slew of changes to Raw and SmackDown during a Superstar Shakeup, some good moves and other, well, not-so-good ones.

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There was really a many bigger than approaching renovate of talent during this year’s chronicle of a NFL Draft. In fact, SmackDown acquired 17 new talents from both Raw and NXT while there will be 19 new faces on Raw going forward. Only time will tell that of those superstars will vessel out on their new homes and that ones will get mislaid in a shuffle, yet there are reasons to be confident about many of a swaps done by both shows.

After all, if we demeanour during final year’s Superstar Shakeup, during a time many fans would have pronounced Raw was a transparent leader there, yet in hindsight, that line-up of register moves indeed worked out many improved for SmackDown. Not usually did a blue code land a improved brew of talent, yet a TV ratings increasing by 5% by a finish of a year while Raw’s flat-lined, suggesting that trades that are being criticized now competence eventually finish adult being praised a year from now.

Alas, during slightest on a surface, WWE appears to have done some really good moves in this year’s Superstar Shakeup, that done some indiscriminate changes to both Raw and SmackDown. But that moves will have a biggest impact in a nearby and long-term future? Let’s take a demeanour during a 5 best decisions WWE done in this year’s Superstar Shakeup.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Move To Raw

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Sure, this one seemed inevitable, yet a preference to pierce Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn was a required one, especially for a consequence of SmackDown,

For many of a final year, a blue brand’s programming has been positively dominated by Owens and Zayn, a many pushed heels on a show. While there were splendid spots during their push, like Owens’ WWE 365 special doing large viewership on a WWE Network in track to him apropos one of WWE’s tip paid stars, there were copiousness of issues with a rude and constant pull of a duo, even yet they consistently achieved well.

What’s important is that SmackDown viewership plummeted for 6 true weeks at a tallness of their pull progressing this year, an emanate that can be mostly attributed to bad booking, that was so bad that even WWE officials knew that was a case. It’s positively not that Owens and Zayn did not make a many out of what they were given. The genuine emanate was usually that they assigned approach to many TV time for a drawn out argument with Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon that seemed to be going nowhere until Bryan was surprisingly privileged to combat again.

That had a hapless outcome of badly overexposing Owens and Zayn, who were on TV so many that it harm a altogether peculiarity of SmackDown and singular a volume of TV bearing for a show’s other rising stars, including a really renouned Rusev. That shouldn’t be scarcely as large of an emanate on Raw, where Owens and Zayn can still get some-more than adequate TV time but bogging down a rest of a register in a process.

All in all, that’s what creates their pierce to Raw such a intelligent engagement decision, one that will both re-energize their characters and potentially pave a approach for improved programming on SmackDown.

Creating An Even Balance Of Top Babyfaces

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For all a faults of a “Superstar Shakeup,” WWE did good in formulating an uniformly offset core of tip babyfaces for both Raw and SmackDown.

Raw now has a gifted organisation of babyfaces to build around including Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, a harmed Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor, while SmackDown is expected to revolve around AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton. Are those rosters ideally constructed? No, of march not. WWE still has to find a right mark for some tip babyfaces (which competence meant a heel turn) and do them favors with peculiarity booking.

However, in regards to WWE’s tip sell movers (and sell sales are a good indicator of who draws and who doesn’t), Raw now has Reigns (tied for No. 2), Strowman, Rollins and Balor (all tip 10) while SmackDown boasts Styles (tied for No. 2) and The New Day (top 1o). Throw in Hardy, who once was No. 2 behind usually John Cena when pushed clever as a singles competitor, and Bryan (who was also No. 2 during his peak and was a big pull for WrestleMania 34), and it’s transparent Raw and SmackDown both have good babyface cores to concentration on going forward.

This isn’t to contend that a engagement of all of those stars will be as good as it should be or that they will all sojourn face for a long-term. It’s usually that, during slightest for a evident future, it’s tough not to like a filigree of babyface talents on both brands and a intensity storylines that will come along with it.

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