5 Drastic Changes WWE Will Make After WrestleMania 34

February 18, 2018 - WWE

WWE will demeanour most opposite after WrestleMania 34.

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Each year after a flagship pay-per-view, WWE typically hits a reset symbol on both Raw and SmackDown, instituting a series of conspicuous changing to a rosters, a programming and a proceed a superstars are pushed. In 2016, we saw WWE move behind a code apart a few months after WrestleMania 32 as a proceed to compute a rosters and potentially emanate some-more opportunities for some-more stars. We also saw a association now pull new stars like Finn Balor and move behind former ones, like Goldberg.

Ditto for 2017, when we saw Kurt Angle lapse usually after WrestleMania 33 as good as a entrance of Shinsuke Nakamura and a arise of new stars like Braun Strowman and Elias. History says that 2018 will be no opposite and that WrestleMania 34 will offer as a branch indicate for Raw, SmackDown and NXT, with a thought being that long-running feuds will finish and uninformed storylines will start as we proceed a summer. WWE has also confirmed that it will scrap single-brand PPVs, likely as a outcome of a unsatisfactory WWE Network subscriber count, and have usually dual-brand events going forward.

So, what other vital changes should we be prepared for this year? Here is a demeanour during 5 vital differences in WWE programming we should notice after WrestleMania 34.

Brock Lesnar Moves Away From The Title Picture

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If you’re a WWE fan who is, well, not a fan of part-timers holding titles, afterwards there’s reason for we to be excited.

According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestlingInc), Brock Lesnar is approaching to dump a Universal Championship to Roman Reigns during WrestleMania 34, that will offer as a central “coronation” for Reigns as a face of a company. That means that Lesnar, whose contract conditions is adult in a air at this point, is approaching to leave a universe pretension design after a PPV as WWE reportedly has other skeleton in place for “The Beast.”

Lesnar is approaching to start a argument with a returning Bobby Lashley after WrestleMania 34, and that adversary approaching will not be for a Universal Championship. That is eventually a best of both difference for fans and WWE alike. WWE gets a wish of gripping Lesnar around even nonetheless he doesn’t seem to be bringing fans to a WWE Network, while it means that a Universal pretension design will no longer be dominated by a part-time Lesnar.

Of course, skeleton can change, and zero is set in mill as of yet. But with WWE dynamic to get a Universal pretension on Reigns and with Lesnar’s sketch energy clearly diminishing, putting him in a non-title argument with Lashley could infer to be a best proceed to use him though spiteful a rest of a roster. However, that eventually hinges on either or not Lesnar even stays with WWE, as a new news indicates Lesnar might leave WWE altogether after WrestleMania, that would symbol a conspicuous change in a landscape of WWE.

Daniel Bryan Is “Fired” As GM And Leaves The Company

Credit: WWE.com

Last month, SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan indicated that his time in WWE was using out, telling Sports Illustrated (h/t WrestlingInc) a following about his destiny as an in-ring performer:

I assume that if we don’t combat by WrestleMania, we substantially won’t be wrestling with WWE during all. That’s my assumption.

By all accounts, Bryan still has not been privileged to combat again, that could explain because WWE has built adult so most tragedy between Bryan and Shane McMahon. In a ideal world, a long-running beef between SmackDown’s dual management total would lead to some arrange of compare involving Bryan and Shane, that would lead to Bryan apropos an active aspirant again. However, with no signs that Bryan will be cleared, it looks like his destiny in a association is in critical jeopardy.

It’s no tip that Bryan wants to combat again, though with WWE being wavering to transparent him, that will approaching outcome in a dual sides going their apart ways after this year. Bryan’s WWE contract expires in September, during that indicate he total to leave WWE in sequence to combat elsewhere, approaching in Ring of Honor and/or on a eccentric scene. In sequence to get to that point, Bryan will have to be created off TV, and his argument with Shane is a elementary proceed to make that happen.

Logic says it’s a protected gamble that Bryan is “fired” as SmackDown GM during some indicate after WrestleMania 34, that would pave a proceed for his genuine life exit from a company. Bryan, after all, seems set on wrestling again and is even flourishing out his hair in expectation of a hair vs. hair (or hair vs. mask) match outside of WWE. Barring a quick annulment of fortunes that causes WWE to transparent Bryan, his days in WWE are numbered, and we should start to see WWE building toward his depart during or shortly after WrestleMania 34.

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