5 Forgotten Stars WWE Must Push In 2017

December 26, 2016 - WWE

WWE was means to pull copiousness of new stars to a tip in 2016, including AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens.

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But for each star a association elevated, there was another star or dual that got mislaid in a shuffle. Despite conjecture that a code separate would yield some-more talents some-more opportunities for peculiarity TV time, a conflicting was mostly true, and a boatload of gifted stars unsuccessful to appear consistently on Raw or SmackDown.

In 2017, WWE needs to repair that problem by utilizing those ignored and underutilized superstars to their full potential. The days of super gifted performers being absent from TV should end, and WWE contingency find a approach to have these superstars surpass subsequent year.

Here are 5 stars that WWE contingency pull in 2017, or else a artistic group will risk ruining them for good.

Luke Harper

Often a ignored member of a Wyatt Family, Harper non-stop some eyes with a show-stealing opening in a new No. 1 contender’s compare on SmackDown, exemplifying since he’s one of a best and many underrated performers in all of WWE.

It’s not mostly that we have a luminary of Harper’s distance who is also a extensive in-ring performer and has a gimmick that’s over with a fans. WWE has always used Harper as a supplemental partial of Bray Wyatt’s act, though whenever he’s given a singular event to gleam as a singles performer, he stands out as many as any large male in a business.

Whether or not WWE keeps Harper in a Wyatt Family via subsequent year, a artistic group should find a approach to have Harper get an extended singles run in SmackDown’s upper midcard during least, with a idea being to settle him as a bone-fide categorical eventer.

Sami Zayn

Prior to a final month or so, Zayn was wasting divided in midcard limbo on Raw, where he’s been woefully dissipated for many of a year.

Arguably a tip 3 in-ring talent in all of WWE, Zayn didn’t do many in 2016 other than argument with Kevin Owens. Beyond that, he spent many of a year toiling in a midcard to no avail, with copiousness of good in-ring performances though no genuine standout feuds or storylines. That’s a contrition because, given a right booking, Zayn has literally all WWE could wish out of a tip star and is fundamentally your prototypical friendly babyface.

Zayn has shown during unusual matches opposite guys like Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and The Miz that he’s a special in-ring talent that a fans wish to get behind. Now, it’s adult to WWE to pull him to a turn where he should be, generally given Raw’s lack of abyss in a World pretension picture.

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