5 Major WWE Stars Who Are Lost In The Shuffle

May 14, 2018 - WWE

WWE has finished a good pursuit pulling talents like Braun Strowman, Elias and Seth Rollins given WrestleMania 34, yet a same can't be pronounced about a slew of other superstars.

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The post-WrestleMania duration is traditionally a down time for WWE, and as evidenced by ratings descending off a precipice for both Raw and SmackDown in new weeks, it’s formidable for a association to say fan seductiveness after a biggest pay-per-view of a year. Likewise, this time support is also an engaging one for a stars themselves as it typically serves as a transitory duration interjection to a Superstar Shakeup, that breathes new life into some stars yet army others down a card.

The latter unfolding is an hapless existence for many superstars, who, for a far-reaching accumulation of reasons, find themselves battling with new NXT call-ups or associate Raw and SmackDown stars for profitable TV time and a pushes that come along with that exposure. Even though it’s hardly been a month given WrestleMania 34 and a Superstar Shakeup combined new demeanour rosters, many stars are already commencement to tumble down a card, out of pretension row and into a rut.

Here are 5 vital superstars, or duos, who are mislaid in a trifle on Raw or SmackDown.

Bayley And Sasha Banks

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Bayley and Sasha Banks were widely approaching to face off during WrestleMania 34, and that compare would have finished history as “the initial time that dual women have faced off in a singles compare during WrestleMania not involving a gimmick, chapter or a title.”

But that didn’t happen, and a formidable argument between a dual has had unequivocally small in a approach of tangible enrichment given afterwards as a dual stars have taken a backseat to many other womanlike superstars on Raw. The many heavily featured women’s adversary on a red code has been Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss, that is not a warn given that it involves a Raw Women’s Championship, yet a surprisingly visit appearances of Ronda Rousey, who is concerned in an angle with Natalya and Mickie James, has pushed Bayley and Banks even offer down a card.

It seems WWE is uncertain what it wants to do with both Bayley and Banks. Is one of a dual stars going to spin heel? Are they ever going to get a pay-per-view singles match? Are they going to finish adult being friends once this argument is all pronounced and done? Those questions need to be answered shortly since what was once a white prohibited argument has dragged on for distant too long, and it’s totally halted any movement these dual stars had as their adversary exhilarated adult in track to WrestleMania 34.

The many new justification indicates Bayley and Banks are still dual of WWE’s many renouned womanlike stars (they’re substantially a No. 3 and 4 sell sellers), that unequivocally should tell WWE government that fans wish a reason to full deposit themselves into this clearly everlasting Banks/Bayley storyline. However, with unequivocally small inestimable enrichment holding place in this adversary as WWE has prioritized other womanlike superstars, this once sizzling storyline has cooled off considerably.

Now, Banks and Bayley are right behind to where they were in 2017 as dual of a many dissipated and underutilized stars in WWE.

Baron Corbin

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“From confronting John Cena during SummerSlam to feuding with Titus O’Neil and No Way Jose, this is a story of Baron Corbin.”

That could offer as a introduction for a documentary chronicling a lightning discerning tumble for Corbin, who might not be noticed as a “major star” by a masses yet apparently is by WWE government even yet we wouldn’t be means to tell by his booking. According to a Wrestling Observer (h/t Ringside News), Vince McMahon “loves” Corbin, and a reason because he was changed to Raw in a Superstar Shakeup was for a “big push” on a red brand.

That coincides with a 2017 news that indicated McMahon was a outrageous believer of Corbin and even had “higher hopes for Corbin as a categorical eventuality talent” than Braun Strowman. Strowman apparently and simply valid McMahon wrong there, and in fact, a display of Corbin on TV has some doubt either WWE indeed has any large skeleton in place for him. Certainly, a fact that Corbin has recently been concerned in angles with dual rough acts in Jose and O’Neil doesn’t accurately come opposite as a outrageous opinion of certainty for Corbin or his future.

One would consider that, given a miss of heels over Elias, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Jinder Mahal on Raw, Corbin would have as good of a possibility as anybody to arise adult a ranks and turn a show’s No. 1 villain. However, with WWE government reportedly viewing Elias as a large star and a engagement subsidy that up, that has forced Corbin down a label into a reduce label purpose that might be formidable for him to puncture his approach out of.

At slightest on a surface, Corbin looks like a intensity categorical eventer and is rumored to have a support of WWE’s conduct honcho. But with those reports not accurately meshing with what we see in terms of a display of Corbin’s TV character, maybe he’s unfailing to be a midcarder, after all.

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