5 Major WWE Superstars Who Are Poised To Switch Brands

March 29, 2018 - WWE

WWE will shortly make a series of indiscriminate changes to Raw and SmackDown.

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The association has recently forsaken a copiousness of hints on TV indicating that a dual categorical register shows will have new demeanour rosters during some indicate within a subsequent integrate of months. According to WrestleZone (h/t Bleacher Report), WWE competence have another breeze or “Superstar Shakeup” during Backlash in May in sequence to reset a rosters, yet even if that doesn’t happen, it’s a protected gamble that a register changes will be done in a future.

The final time a “Superstar Shakeup” happened was after WrestleMania 33 final year, and that resulted in initially stronger TV viewership for both Raw and SmackDown. In fact, according to WWE’s Key Performance Indicators, SmackDown’s TV ratings increasing 5% by a finish of 2017, so even yet a blue brand’s product wasn’t accurately ideal during that span, ratings did go adult with a new demeanour rosters combined by a “Superstar Shakeup.”

Still, many fans will tell we that WWE’s stream rosters have gotten utterly seared and changes need to be made. WWE, and in some cases a superstars themselves, has given some pointed signs about what those changes competence be and that superstars could be swapping shows within a subsequent month or two.

Here are 5 vital superstars who are staid to switch brands during a subsequent breeze or “Superstar Shakeup.”

Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn

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For many of his scarcely year-long run on SmackDown, Kevin Owens has been during contingency with a show’s Commissioner, Shane McMahon, and a widespread faith is that a boon to their argument is for Owens to leave a blue code for good.

Owens’ run as a many pushed star on a blue code has been a churned bag of sorts. While his WWE 365 documentary did “huge numbers” on a WWE Network and suggested he was building into a draw, SmackDown’s viewership fell for 6 true weeks at a commencement of 2018 during what can best be described as a duration in that Owens and Sami Zayn positively dominated a show’s vital storylines.

That could maybe be a pointer that Owens should not be a No. 1 star on a brand, and with his extensive storyline with Shane, Zayn and Daniel Bryan giving WWE a ideal event to send him behind to Raw, one would consider that is a instruction this is headed after WrestleMania 34. The hope, of course, is that relocating Owens off of SmackDown would giveaway adult some-more space for other heels on a blue code while also giving Owens a uninformed start on Monday nights, where he’d potentially pierce Zayn along with him.

Owens has shown to be one of WWE’s best altogether heel performers, yet sufficient it to say, he’s been overexposed on a blue brand, where he’s gotten distant too most TV time and been concerned in angles that seem to be never-ending. In fact, Owens was advertised for some Raw live events final year that suggested he competence be relocating brands due to his storyline with Shane, so maybe that was something WWE was deliberation during that time yet eventually motionless to reason off on a pierce until after WrestleMania 34.

And with both Owens and Zayn now being “fired” and wanting to win during WrestleMania 34 to get their jobs back, that suggests they competence remove as a approach to transition them both behind to Raw.

Sasha Banks

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For scarcely a year now, Sasha Banks has teased creation a burst to SmackDown, even doubling down on her enterprise to move to a blue code final tumble when she tweeted, “Let me come to blue.”

After revolutionizing a women’s multiplication in 2016 along with Charlotte Flair, Banks took rather of a backseat final year when she seemed to tumble behind names like Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss and Asuka on a pecking order. Raw’s women’s multiplication has mostly focused on these 4 stars as good as Bayley given final year’s “Superstar Shakeup,” and it has radically felt like a everlasting cycle of feuds between these 5 women, with Mickie James display adult to join a celebration usually occasionally.

WWE’s womanlike superstars have been generating clever TV viewership and assisting boost a WWE Network subscriber count, yet clearly, a women’s groups on both shows need some vital changes to freshen things up. Since a code separate returned in Jul 2016, a series of WWE’s womanlike superstars have stayed on one uncover (Naomi, Becky Lynch, Carmella, etc.), and Banks is one of them, creation her approaching pierce to SmackDown a judicious one.

Most fans comprehend that Banks is one of WWE’s best all-around performers yet is one who has been stranded in a rut for most of a final year. It’s expected that possibly she or Bayley moves to a blue code during a subsequent breeze in sequence to finish a routine in both show’s women’s division, generally after Banks has forsaken so many hints that she will find herself operative on Tuesday nights during some point.

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