5 Potential WWE Return Feuds For Kurt Angle

December 30, 2016 - WWE

Kurt Angle could be headed behind to WWE, fasten a likes of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg as vital names who have recently returned to a company.

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According to a latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t SEScoops), Angle is no longer usurpation eccentric bookings with a thought that he’s WWE bound:

The Wrestling Observer reports that a Olympic bullion medalist has told indy promoters that he is not usurpation any dates as he’s returning to WWE in Apr 2017.

It should be remarkable that this is not a initial time Angle has told promoters he’s returning to WWE though there are many rumors going around about a lapse for Angle, according to The Observer.

Angle, who hasn’t wrestled for WWE given 2007, has regularly settled his intentions of returning to a association during some point. Back in Sep 2016, Angle suggested that there was mutual seductiveness from both sides about a return, and in June, he even told radio uncover horde Mark Madden“Will we return? Yes. we don’t know when.”

As one of a biggest giveaway agents in all of pro wrestling, Angle appears to be headed behind to a place where he became a star. But when? Where? And opposite who?

Let’s take a demeanour during 5 intensity lapse feuds for Angle if he indeed creates his approach behind to WWE.

Roman Reigns

Angle recently named Roman Reigns as one of a WWE stars he’d like to wrestle, and deliberation Reigns’ story of matches against major stars, we have to consider that he’d be during a tip of a list of superstars WWE would wish Angle to face.

Reigns challenged Brock Lesnar in a categorical eventuality of WrestleMania 31 and faced Triple H in a WrestleMania 32 categorical event, so it’s totally possibly to suppose him confronting Angle in a categorical eventuality of ‘Mania or another “Big Four” pay-per-view. Though Reigns gets a lot of criticism, he probably always delivers in large matches as evidenced by his stellar bouts opposite Lesnar, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, only to name a few.

Angle, of course, is a illusory large compare performer himself, and a hitch opposite Reigns could supplement to his considerable resume full of implausible matches.

Brock Lesnar

When asked during a new Facebook QA that compare from his career he’d like to redo, Angle had a following to say:

Again? Lesnar during Mania. Except, I’d like to be healthy this time.”

Angle is referring to his barbarous WrestleMania 19 compare opposite Lesnar, an all-time good hitch that many remember for Lesnar’s nasty-looking, botched sharpened star press. Lesnar and Angle had extraordinary chemistry during their argument some-more than a dozen years ago, and this would be one rekindled adversary that, distinct Lesnar vs. Goldberg, would still be means to furnish PPV categorical eventuality peculiarity matches.

Lesnar is extensive when he’s encouraged while Angle is arguably a biggest in-ring performer ever, and both can still go in a ring. Given how most their star energy has increasing over a years, Lesnar and Angle would be means to give us one of those singular matches between dual comparison legends that lives adult to a hype and doesn’t display possibly guy.

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