5 Reasons Why WWE Should Be Concerned About Unhappy Superstars

November 17, 2017 - WWE

WWE seems to have a vital problem: Many of a superstars are unhappy.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Last month, a Voices of Wrestling podcast (h/t NoDQ.com) reported that, on a heels of Neville walking out of WWE, other superstars approached former star Cody Rhodes about a intensity exit from a company:

[Cody] doesn’t have any skeleton on going to WWE anytime soon. There’s wrestlers in WWE going to him and removing recommendation on their possess exit skeleton from a company. we know this for a fact…I can’t contend a names though there’s wrestlers that go to him for recommendation on how to leave a company.

The latest superstars who have clearly been discontented with their positions in a association are Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who were sent home from a new UK debate after presumably going off-script on final week’s part of SmackDown, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. The site remarkable that “multiple sources reached out observant a twin have been rather formidable to work with newly and seem unfortunate backstage.”

Zayn and Owens have continued what has spin a conspicuous trend of superstars publicly expressing their unhappiness with a company. Names like Emma, who was recently expelled during slightest partly because she complained about a engagement of her impression on Twitter, and Sasha Banks, who has also went open with her complaints about creative, have done it transparent that there are copiousness of superstars who are reduction than gratified with their stream roles.

So, how could that impact WWE’s future? Well, here are 5 reasons since WWE should be disturbed about a superstars being unhappy.

The Possibility Of Losing Major Stars

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

So far, many of a superstars who have recently been unfortunate in WWE have been midcard workers. Well, that was until Zayn and Owens apparently altered that.

It’s rather of a shocker that Zayn and Owens, who are dual of a many featured acts on SmackDown, would be dissapoint adequate to “go into business for themselves” when they had been removing some-more TV time than only about anyone on a blue brand. Yet, some reports advise that is accurately what happened. Thus, it’s utterly probable that we could see other stars who are featured in distinguished roles demeanour to make their exit from a association if and when they’re not accurately anxious about what’s going on presumably on-screen or off-screen.

There have already been reports that Brock Lesnar is looking to leave WWE after WrestleMania 34, so if WWE’s top paid star (who works a ridiculously easy schedule) is presumably set to bolt, what does that contend about a state of a company? In new years, we’ve also seen other vital names leave WWE underneath argumentative circumstances, as was a box with Ryback and Batista, who over a association since he believed he was removing fewer opportunities than other marquee stars.

Creating a enlightenment of unhappiness and one that formula in top-level stars consistently looking to make their approach out of WWE could start a new trend, one in that discontented categorical eventers devise their exits and afterwards govern those plans.

 It Can Affect What Happens On-Screen

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Many superstars have voiced their displeasure with their on-screen roles, and it has infrequently shown in their performances.

Randy Orton has let it be famous he doesn’t wish to be a babyface, that has negatively influenced his run as a fan favorite that has been injured by occasions when he’s simply “mailed it in.” Over a final year, Banks hasn’t been a same during a time when she’s went open with her frustrations with a artistic process. There were rumblings that there was heat on Rusev earlier this year, that might explain since he’s been requisitioned so poorly. Likewise, Emma’s public complaints let to her being buried on TV before eventually being released.

These are only a few examples of superstars vouchsafing what is going on behind a scenes impact how they perform on it, though it’s something that could positively get worse in a destiny and that could annul any time and bid WWE has put into these stars. WWE is creation a estimable financial investment in many of these stars, and oftentimes, their unhappiness can spin into frustration, that leads to them publicly expressing it, that leads to backstage feverishness and eventually ends adult in their characters flopping on TV.

WWE will never be means to safeguard that each luminary is anxious with his or her spot, though a atmosphere of displeasure that seems to have been combined as of late is a recipe for disaster that will clean divided any bid formerly put into characters that WWE decides to de-push on TV.

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