5 Reasons WWE Badly Needs Another Superstar Shakeup

March 22, 2018 - WWE

WWE is expected to make another set of extreme register changes after WrestleMania 34.

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WrestleZone (h/t Bleacher Report) recently reported that WWE might reason another breeze or “Superstar Shakeup” during Backlash in May. That pay-per-view will symbol a lapse to dual-brand pay-per-views when all WWE PPVs will underline matches from both Raw and SmackDown. The finish of brand-specific PPVs was reportedly finished “due to repeated match-ups and delayed sheet sales,” so a wish within WWE is apparently that dual-brand events will repair those issues.

However, a lapse to dual-brand shows is not enough, and a many critical changes could come during Backlash, when a slew of alterations to a Raw and SmackDown rosters will dramatically impact a notice of both shows. Over a past integrate of years, breeze and Shakeups have proven to temporarily boost TV viewership and supplement some many indispensable amour to a WWE product, though a right changes could do that for a prolonged haul.

The 2016 WWE Draft, for example, worked wonders for SmackDown as a show’s ratings increased 17% by a finish of a year at slightest in partial given a breeze gave a blue code a good offset register with a right brew of rising stars and determined names. As we proceed WrestleMania 34, a same can’t be pronounced about a struggling SmackDown uncover or a common Raw, both of that are in unfortunate need of some estimable adjustments to their rosters.

Here are 5 reasons given WWE badly needs another “Superstar Shakeup.”

Raw’s Lackluster Tag Team Division

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For all a problems SmackDown has, a tab organisation multiplication has been light years forward of Raw’s both in terms of a register and a engagement of it.

The blue code has finished a extensive pursuit of utilizing a talent it has, many particularly The New Day and The Usos, a latter of that has benefited from being pushed strongly and recently established itself as a tip sell seller. Even teams like Rusev Day, Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable as good as a Bludgeon Brothers have had their resplendent moments. Raw’s tab organisation division, on a other hand, is radically a two-man uncover with Sheamus and Cesaro, a.k.a. The Bar, being a usually unchanging force in a multiplication that has seemed like a revolving doorway of proxy teams.

In fact, a Raw Tag Team Championship compare during WrestleMania 34 feels like it was fast thrown together, that should tell we usually how small bid WWE is pulling into a multiplication that lacks a abyss to be tolerable for a prolonged haul. There is reduction than a handful of legitimate tab teams on Raw, and it’s tough to contend that anyone other than The Bar has gotten anything imitative a genuine pull recently. Raw would clearly advantage from a further of a Usos or The New Day as good as a call-up for an NXT organisation such as Sanity or The Authors of Pain.

The bottom line is that Sheamus and Cesaro have probably no one to argument with, that is given many of their new run has featured feuds opposite short-term teams like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose or Rollins and Jason Jordan. Barring a variable arrangement of other long-term tab teams on Raw, a usually approach to redress this problem is to safeguard a some-more even change between WWE’s dual tab organisation groups with a few vital moves in a draft.

Ideally, that would engage relocating someone like a Usos or The New Day, another proven sell mover and renouned act that could be a cornerstone of a tab organisation multiplication of Monday nights.

It Will Create New Main Event Rivalries

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Raw’s TV ratings stagnated in 2017 while SmackDown’s viewership recently dropped for 6 true weeks in vast partial given of a seared categorical eventuality and tip midcard scenes.

Raw has revolved mostly around a same handful of guys given final year’s Superstar Shakeup, including Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar, who have all feuded with any other on opposite occasions and in opposite variations of singles and multi-person feuds. While that has constructed some peculiarity programming during times, it has also led to what feel like surplus storylines that always engage a same stars.

The same can be pronounced for SmackDown, that also relies on a name organisation of core performers who make adult a infancy of a show. That list includes Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, AJ Styles and Randy Orton, who are all good performers though can usually do so many with a stream construction of a SmackDown roster. Since WWE does not seem to be committed to pulling stars like Rusev, who has emerged as a top sell seller and should be removing a significantly improved singles push, that boundary a volume of uninformed feuds for a categorical eventuality picture.

Thus, a many judicious solution, presumption WWE is reluctant to rouse stars in a mark identical to Rusev’s, is to pierce some vital stars from one uncover to a other. In fact, one tip name already rumored to be relocating is AJ Styles, and a pierce of “The Phenomenal One” would outcome in indiscriminate changes to a tip of a label on both Raw and SmackDown, that could be a good approach to exhale uninformed atmosphere into shows that badly need it.

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