5 Reasons WWE Fans Should Still Expect Roman Reigns To Dethrone Brock Lesnar

April 20, 2018 - WWE

WWE repelled a universe during WrestleMania 34 when Brock Lesnar defended his Universal Championship opposite Roman Reigns.

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In Mar 2017, a Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestlingInc) reported that a devise was for Reigns to better Lesnar for a Universal pretension during WrestleMania 34 and strictly concrete himself as a new face of a company. Those skeleton apparently changed, and yet it’s still not 100% transparent since “The Big Dog” did not slay “The Beast” on a grandest theatre of them all, it is utterly apparent that WWE trainer Vince McMahon had a late change of heart.

But even yet Reigns didn’t better Lesnar as many approaching he would, that doesn’t meant he won’t do so in a nearby future.

In fact, Reigns will plea Lesnar for a Universal pretension usually subsequent week during WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble eventuality in Saudia Arabia, that could unequivocally good be a time and place where Reigns finally topples Lesnar. Indeed, there are a series of signs that prove Lesnar’s startling win during WrestleMania 34 does not pledge that he will reason a pretension many longer or that Reigns will never better him for it.

Here are 5 reasons since WWE fans should still design Reigns to better Lesnar for a Universal Championship in a nearby future, expected during a Greatest Royal Rumble.

Uncertainty Regarding Lesnar’s WWE Contract Situation

Credit: WWE.com

There are so many opposing reports about Lesnar’s new agreement that no one can be certain accurately what his destiny holds.

One news says Lesnar has sealed a “multi-year” deal that will concede him to concurrently quarrel for UFC. Another says he is now operative on a “paid per appearance” deal. Yet another line-up of reports says that Lesnar’s new “short-term deal” will usually take him by a Greatest Royal Rumble, so he can dump a Universal pretension to Reigns there. A opposite news also says that it’s a short-term deal but does not offer any specifics on a tangible length of a contract. In other words, no one seems to unequivocally have a idea what Lesnar’s new agreement indeed entails or how prolonged it lasts.

Especially since WWE did not make a large understanding out of Lesnar’s re-signing and simply announced it with a post on WWE.com, that would lead many fans to trust that Lesnar is not adhering around for a prolonged transport and substantially usually extended his agreement for a unequivocally brief run. Why? Likely so that he can dump a Universal Championship to Reigns.

The final time that Lesnar re-signed with WWE was in 2015, when he done a rounds on ESPN, that lonesome his new WWE agreement and a insincere finish of his MMA career as a unequivocally large deal. The fact that WWE officials don’t seem overly vehement about Lesnar’s re-signing leads many fans to trust that he won’t be around many longer, and if that is indeed a box as many expect, that expected means that he’s going to dump a Universal pretension to Reigns.

Lesnar has no other transparent rivals built adult during a moment, that means if he is withdrawal and does need to remove his championship, “The Big Dog” is a right male for a job.

There Is Nothing Left For Lesnar As Universal Champion

Credit: WWE.com

If we inspect WWE’s categorical roster, you’ll see that there unequivocally isn’t a vivid dream argument left for Lesnar other than maybe Bobby Lashley and Daniel Bryan.

Aside from possibly one of those feuds, however, there unequivocally is no apparent storyline or argument left for Lesnar that fans are vagrant to see, and there is zero left for him to accomplish as Universal Champion, either. If anything, Raw’s whole categorical eventuality stage has been hold behind by Lesnar being an absentee champion for a crowd of reasons. For starters, when Lesnar is gone, it leaves many of a red brand’s tip stars though anything estimable to quarrel for, and when he’s around, those stars simply offer as provender for “The Beast” to feast on.

Perhaps it would be intelligent for Lesnar’s Universal pretension power to continue if he was truly boosting business, though that doesn’t seem to be a case. According to WWE’s Key Performance Indicators, Raw’s TV ratings increasing by accurately 0% final year with Lesnar as champion for many of a year, while a normal WWE Network subscriber count indeed decreased by 20,000 viewers by a finish of 2017 and normal live eventuality assemblage bottomed out to a lowest normal over a final 3 years.

With Lesnar not unequivocally relocating a needle a approach you’d design out of someone who’s been called WWE’s biggest draw and with WWE using by usually about each dream argument he could have had during this indicate (John Cena, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, Triple H, etc.), Lesnar has a Universal pretension design in a clamp hold and contingency let go.

The many expected male for a pursuit is Reigns, who would give WWE a full-time Universal Champion it needs, so permitting Lesnar to come and go usually as he did before though though negatively impacting Raw’s many prestigious title.

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