5 Reasons WWE Must End The Brand Split

March 15, 2018 - WWE

WWE has already taken one hulk jump toward a finish of a code split.

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The association recently announced a end of single-branded pay-per-views as all events, starting with Backlash in May, will underline matches from both Raw and SmackDown. Another important change is that there will usually be 12 PPVs in 2018, that is down from 16 in 2017 and a 14 WWE had designed on carrying this year. Although WWE’s code prolongation will still sojourn in effect, a finish of brand-specific PPVs is only a latest pointer WWE will shortly finish a code separate altogether.

Indeed, it has not even been dual years given a code separate returned in Jul 2016, though in a lot of ways, a code separate has unprotected WWE’s biggest flaws. The peculiarity of programming on both Raw and SmackDown has been woefully unsuitable given a reincarnation of a code extension, and like it or not, a finish of single-brand PPVs is radically WWE’s approach of revelation that a code separate has, during slightest partially, already failed.

Reports prove that WWE reverted behind to dual-branded PPVs to fix issues with low sheet sales and seared storylines while it’s believed that a flat-lining WWE Network subscriber count was another contributing factor. These are only dual of many reasons given WWE should go over simply scrapping single-brand PPVs and throw a code prolongation altogether.

Dual-Brand PPVs Won’t Lead To Better Feuds And Rivalries

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The lapse to dual-brand PPVs is WWE’s approach of observant that a code separate isn’t unequivocally operative though that a association still is reluctant to go a full mile and finish it altogether.

Of course, dual-brand PPVs will underline superstars from Raw and SmackDown, so given not take it one step serve and finish a code separate completely? With a finish of brand-specific PPVs, superstars from both brands will be underneath a same roof for any PPV going forward, and yet, they will expected have small to no communication given a code separate is technically still in effect. Essentially, WWE is revelation fans that brand-specific matches aren’t a large adequate pull in and of themselves though they are when they’re total with brand-specific matches from a other brand.

That unequivocally doesn’t solve maybe a biggest problem with a code split: A miss of uninformed matchups, that reportedly is one of a reasons given single-brand PPVs are finale in a initial place. Ultimately, SmackDown stars will still be feuding with other stars from a blue code while Raw stars will still have rivalries and matches with other stars from a red brand, tying a volume of new matchups and feuds that could be combined by a tangible finish of a code split.

In essence, WWE is putting a Band-Aid on this problem by reverting to dual-brand PPVs, that should outcome in improved altogether cards though still doesn’t solve a emanate of improving particular brand-specific rivalries and feuds. In other words, we’ll still be removing muted micard, reduce label and tab group rivalries on both Raw and SmackDown that simply won’t be featured on PPV. But in a universe but a code split, that wouldn’t be a case.

Interest In WWE Peaks With Dual-Brand PPVs

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A demeanour during Google Trends information for WWE shows that a top peaks in seductiveness come around a time of WWE’s “Big Four” pay-per-views: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series.

It’s apparently not a fluke that fan seductiveness in WWE programming climaxes during those times, given that 3 of those PPVs (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and Survivor Series) typically underline singular in-ring interaction, in a form of tangible wrestling, between superstars from Raw and SmackDown.

At this year’s Royal Rumble, for example, a 30-man Royal Rumble compare came down to Roman Reigns and Shinsuke Nakamura battling it out in a mini-match for a right to go on to WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Survivor Series 2017 revolved wholly around a “battle of a brands” that featured Raw’s Universal Champion Brock Lesnar holding on SmackDown’s WWE Champion AJ Styles, while WrestleMania has featured a inter-brand Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal each year given 2014 .

No one should be astounded that fans are some-more meddlesome in a WWE product when there are some-more vital stars behaving underneath one roof and doing so opposite any other. Fans wish to see a really best product probable during all times, and one of a best ways for WWE to safeguard that a product is during a best is to bucket adult a PPVs with as most star energy as possible. That is something that a finish of a code separate would accomplish given it would outcome in fresher matches and improved altogether star power, that ideally would outcome in some-more WWE Network subscribers.

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