5 Reasons WWE No Longer Needs Brock Lesnar

December 1, 2017 - WWE

WWE could shortly be though Brock Lesnar, though does Vince McMahon unequivocally even need him?

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Although there are opposing reports about when Lesnar’s stream WWE agreement expires, what seems to be a certainty is that it ends some time immediately after WrestleMania 34 subsequent year. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc) reports that Lesnar’s agreement has an engaging chapter that could concede possibly Lesnar himself or WWE to extend a contract:

The stream agreement for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar has an choice that would replenish a understanding and many design that it will be renewed after it expires during WrestleMania 34, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Lesnar’s final dates underneath a stream understanding would be WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans or a post-WrestleMania RAW a subsequent night. WWE also has certain rights with Lesnar that will go by a initial week of Aug 2018 if a new understanding is not signed.

While many trust Lesnar is a practical close to re-sign with WWE, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported progressing this year that Lesnar “made it transparent to backstage officials that he…doesn’t intend to re-sign” once his agreement expires. But that was before any probability of a UFC super-fight with Jon Jones was thrown out a window, definition that Lesnar competence have altered his mind and motionless his best gamble is staying in WWE.

However, a doubt now becomes: Does WWE need to re-sign him? Here are 5 reasons why WWE no longer needs “The Beast.”

Full-Timers Are Capable Of Carrying The Load

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

WWE’s stream register competence not have a mega-star on standard with The Rock or John Cena, though it has a far-reaching array of impossibly gifted superstars who are able of carrying a load.

Google hunt data indicates that many of WWE’s tip sell sellers are full-timers, with names like Roman Reigns (who is No. 2), Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins consistently ranking nearby a tip of that list. Throw in a success of someone like AJ Styles (who has long been a clever sell mover and appears to still be one), Kevin Owens (who’s been a vital strike on WWE Network), The New Day, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and a series of other stars, and it’s transparent WWE does not have a talent issue.

In fact, one could disagree that WWE’s stream register is one of a most-star studded in association history, with a extensive mix of determined names (think anyone from The Shield) and rising stars (Braun Strowman, etc.) who could lift a association prolonged after Lesnar is gone. Because WWE has so most talent and only dual shows per week to showcase that talent, names like Lesnar are doing some-more mistreat than good these days by holding a spotlights that should be indifferent for rising stars.

If Lesnar continues to work at a tip of a label for 3 or for some-more years, that will suppress a enrichment of up-and-coming stars who have already shown a ability to work in a categorical eventuality design and do so admirably.

The Brand Is Bigger Than Any Individual Star

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

There is no star in WWE who is bigger than a brand. Not even Cena or Lesnar.

Look no serve than a extensive code value of WrestleMania, that is value $195 million according to FORBES and shows that a pay-per-view itself is bigger than any one star who competence seem on a show. That same proof can be practical to WWE as a whole, that no longer over relies on one sold star to lift a company. Although there was a extensive camber where WWE did that with Cena, “The Champ’s” sparse appearances these days advise that is no longer a box and that WWE can flower with or though one sold star.

Sure, WWE competence be slightly harm by a detriment of Cena, though no one is on Cena’s turn when it comes to things like sell sales or live eventuality attendance. And that includes Lesnar, who positively possesses a aura and mystique of a vital star though doesn’t comparison a business a approach that The Rock, Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin (who once plain 12 million t-shirts in a singular calendar year) have finished in a past.

If Lesnar left WWE, there would be a tiny slot of fans who would skip him, though a fact that a WWE Network subscriber count continues to be cyclical (whether he’s around or not) suggests a impact his depart would have wouldn’t be as estimable as we competence think.

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