5 Reasons WWE Should Be Worried About New Japan Pro-Wrestling

November 5, 2017 - WWE

WWE might not have what can be deliberate loyal “competition,” though New Japan Pro-Wrestling is vigilant on changing that.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

NJPW recently announced that Kenny Omega will take on six-time WWE Champion Chris Jericho during Wrestle Kingdom 12, a promotion’s homogeneous to WrestleMania, in January. The startling proclamation has sent startle waves by veteran wrestling since Jericho seemed to be a WWE lifer, though after teasing over a past several weeks that he and Omega were building toward an contingent match, it appears that Jericho is prepared to make some confidant moves.

Now, New Japan has landed one of a many achieved stars in WWE story for a biggest eventuality of a year during a time when there are copiousness of other indications that a association is on a verge of apropos WWE’s No. 1 competitor.

Here are 5 reasons because WWE should be unequivocally disturbed about NJPW.

Kenny Omega Vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho has a long story of signing short-term WWE deals that concede him to come and go freely, so it unequivocally says a lot about a state of WWE and pro wrestling as a whole that Jericho radically chose NJPW over WWE.

It’s no tip that Vince McMahon always leaves a doorway open for Jericho to return, though Jericho’s preference to combat outward of WWE for a initial time in scarcely dual decades is a revelation pointer that shows WWE is no longer a be-all end-all in pro wrestling a approach that it once was. In fact, Jericho isn’t a usually star to leave WWE and uncover adult in New Japan, as a likes of Cody Rhodes and Juice Robinson (formerly famous as CJ Parker in NXT) have had arguably some-more success in NJPW than they did in WWE.

It’s protected to contend that, when it comes to Jericho, his preference to take on Omega (one of a many buzzworthy wrestlers in a universe in 2017) might have really little, if anything, to do with money. It’s all about NJPW being like a cold new child in school, with fans and wrestler comparison solemnly though certainly commencement to ride toward it.

This could really good be a start of a vital trend, in that some of a biggest names in pro wrestling have a stronger enterprise to work for NJPW and seem during Wrestle Kingdom than they do to pointer with WWE and work WrestleMania.

NJPW’s Expansion Into The US

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

New Japan is clearly looking to enlarge a horizons in a US.

Thee association taped a G1 Special in Long Beach, California progressing this year, that noted a first-ever live shows in a US and crowned a initial IWGP United States Champion. Soon after, it was reported that NJPW was looking to enhance a business operations, that embody a US office, a NJPW training dojo and a live eventuality tour. Just this week, a association announced it will lapse to a US in Mar 2018 with another uncover from Long Beach.

In other words, NJPW is gradually augmenting a efforts to turn a vital force in pro wrestling good over Japan. With Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA) and Ring of Honor unwell to resolutely settle themselves as a No. 2 to WWE’s No. 1, New Japan is looking to take that spot, and those within WWE should comprehend that this is a really large understanding during a time when more stars than ever seem to be withdrawal WWE for greener pastures elsewhere.

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