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June 11, 2017 - WWE

WWE has John Cena and Roman Reigns as dual vital stars who interest to younger fans.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

But that apparently isn’t enough.

According to a investigate contacted by Magna Global for SportsBusiness Journal, a median age of a pro wrestling spectator was 28 in 2000. In 2016? That age scarcely doubled to 54, likely a outcome of a series factors, including cord slicing and WWE’s use of older, part-time stars.

Near a tip of list of because younger fans are tuning out, however, is WWE’s rejection to pull a stars who are privately geared toward those viewers, quite teenagers and pre-teens. It’s positively not that WWE doesn’t have a register full of stars who could interest to a younger demographic. It’s that WWE only hasn’t utilized them to their full potentials.

Here are 5 stars WWE contingency pull in an try to win behind younger viewers, who are clearly tuning out during a fast rate.

Jeff Hardy 

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

You have to consider that a Hardy Boyz losing a Raw Tag Team titles during Extreme Rules was step No. 1 toward a twin eventually splitting.

If WWE is ever means to secure a rights to a “Broken” gimmick, Matt Hardy could potentially give WWE a “merchandise goldmine” when regulating what was arguably a many renouned gimmick of 2016. But if we demeanour during Jeff’s story in WWE, he’s seen as someone with a intensity to be a tip babyface again, many like he was during his prior WWE run when he was one of a company’s many renouned stars.

According to Sportskeeda, Jeff was “second only to John Cena in sell sales when he left” a association in 2009, display how impossibly renouned he was as a amiable impression with a ton of interest among younger fans. Jeff’s high risk in-ring style, his colorful clothes and charismatic aura make him a excellent choice to assistance WWE attract fans next a age of 18.

As a tab team, Jeff and Matt are positively an interesting act, though with Matt’s best possibility during long-term success entrance as his “Broken” impression (a strike among all viewers though privately appealing to a 18-34 demographic) and Jeff tailor done for a categorical eventuality singles run, eventually bursting a Hardys could give WWE dual must-see acts as against to only one.

And Jeff would expected be a bigger star.

Bray Wyatt

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

In new years, many of TV’s many successful shows have relied on a bizarre, a peculiar and a officious uncanny to expostulate viewership.

Sounds a lot like Bray Wyatt, doesn’t it? Just demeanour during a success of strike shows such as Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s many renouned new series or The Walking Dead, that saw a Season 7 premiere beget “a towering 17 million viewers and an 8.4 rating in a adults 18-49 demographic,” according to Variety. A impression like Wyatt, that blends both “cool” and current, should be employed to a limit intensity during a time when a abnormal is all a rage.

Instead, WWE has left prohibited and cold on Wyatt roughly too many times to count, and “The Eater of Worlds” has mostly been relegated to being a bit actor (and a feeble requisitioned one during that) when he should consistently be in a starring role. Wyatt, after all, has all a traits that we would suppose would interest to fans in their teenagers and 20s.

Wyatt is wacky, individualist and eerie, and he should be pushed during a tip of a label as a closest thing this era will ever have to The Undertaker.

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