5 Tiresome Trends WWE Must End In 2018

January 4, 2018 - WWE

WWE did a lot of things right in 2017, like pulling Braun Strowman and regulating The Shield as a car for Roman Reigns to win over his detractors.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

But as many swell as a association done final year, it is still, in many ways, reluctant to change a aged habits, and that hasn’t left unnoticed.

There are still distant too many problems with a engagement of WWE’s women’s division, that has mostly neglected and ignored gifted superstars such as Emma and Mickie James. There are still too many gifted superstars who are requisitioned poorly, like Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt, for example. There is still approach too many time spent on angles that eventually lead nowhere, that is usually one of many factors that can have a disastrous outcome on all from a WWE Network subscriber count to TV viewership to a superstars themselves.

And that’s usually a beginning. Here are 5 uninteresting trends WWE contingency finish for good in 2018.

Repetitive Matches

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

If we wish a primary instance of a repeated match, demeanour no serve than anything involving Sheamus, Cesaro, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

According to CageMatch.Net, there has been some arrange of compare involving Sheamus and/or Cesaro vs. Rollins and/or Ambrose on each singular partial of Raw given Nov 7th. Overkill much? One of a biggest problems WWE has had given a code separate returned in Jul 2016 is that a smaller rosters have done it probably unavoidable that fans will grow ill and sleepy of saying a same matches over and over again.

Elias vs. Jason Jordan or a compare with any multiple of Bayley, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax are usually a integrate of other examples of matches WWE did distant too many times in 2017, and those constantly repeated bouts could explain one of WWE’s biggest problems: The dreaded third hour viewership drop. It’s no tip that, many like we saw usually a integrate of weeks ago when Raw had a dump of more than 600,000 viewers between hours dual and three, WWE (and Raw, in particular) has a really formidable time progressing a viewers via a whole generation of a episodes.

It’s satisfactory to contend that one of a categorical contributing factors to a consistently large viewership dump is a unchanging inlet of a show’s matches and that engagement fresher matches some-more mostly could change that. 

The Indestructible Brock Lesnar

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Goldberg. Samoa Joe. Braun Strowman. AJ Styles.

What do those 4 stars have in common? Well, they all fell plant to a clearly everlasting pull of Brock Lesnar in 2017, quite Strowman, who was built adult for a dream compare opposite Lesnar during No Mercy 2017 usually to remove to “The Beast” in rather unilateral fashion. The widespread faith is that WWE built adult Lesnar that approach so he can be slayed by Roman Reigns during WrestleMania 34, though that doesn’t change a fact that it’s controversial engagement on WWE’s part.

WWE seems to have run out of things to do with Lesnar, whose long-term destiny in a association is distant from set in stone and shouldn’t be mowing by many of a tip guys during this theatre of his career. What’s more, there is ascent justification that Lesnar is not a pull WWE thinks he is, which, in turn, means that his widespread impression is doing some-more mistreat than good for WWE, generally when it comes during a responsibility of guys like Strowman and Joe.

Lesnar demonstrated opposite Styles during Survivor Series that he can still broach implausible matches when motivated, though some of his new dress opposite guys like The Undertaker, Strowman, and Ambrose uncover that his match peculiarity has dipped considerably and that his utility to WWE isn’t what it once was. Let’s wish those within WWE comprehend that in 2018.

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