5 Top WWE Stars Whose WrestleMania 34 Plans Are Up In The Air

February 15, 2018 - WWE

WWE has been bit badly by a injurt bug over a final year, that has put marquee names like Dean Ambrose and Jeff Hardy on a sidelines.

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The list of harmed talent in WWE reads like a “who’s who?” of a pro wrestling and demonstrates that WWE is overworking a stars and badly needs to cut behind on a volume of matches those stars have. That is usually one of many reasons why, notwithstanding being reduction than dual months divided from WrestleMania 34, there are a series of marquee stars who don’t have an apparent compare penciled in and might be stranded with a obtuse hitch on a show.

Poor engagement and a skip of TV time for some of a brightest stars on Raw and SmackDown, as good as a further of part-time names, means that WWE is still operative on a WrestleMania label during a time when it is customarily usually about finished. That, of course, is a good thing for fans who adore a unpredictability of pro wrestling, though for those who wish to have an thought of what matches they’re removing during WrestleMania, this is not their year.

There are a series of categorical eventuality talents whose WrestleMania 34 opponent(s) have nonetheless to be determined, so let’s inspect that distinguished stars still aren’t certain what they’ll be doing on a grandest theatre of them all.

Samoa Joe

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An unfortunately timed feet damage already caused Samoa Joe to miss a vital argument with John Cena, and now, it could force him to skip WrestleMania 34 altogether.

Joe is not advertised to contest on any live events between now and WrestleMania 34, definition that it’s rarely expected that WWE skeleton on regulating Joe during a pay-per-view, during slightest as of now. Joe’s injury, his second vital one given debuting on a categorical register roughly a year ago, is usually a latest pointer that WWE’s superstars are wrestling too many matches as Joe has assimilated a series of tip names, including Ambrose and Jason Jordan, on a company’s prolonged list of harmed superstars.

It looked like Joe was on gait to become one of WWE’s tip earners after he categorical evented a series of pay-per-views final year, including Extreme Rules, Great Balls of Fire, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. However, Joe’s latest damage is one that could means WWE to reason behind on what had been a unequivocally clever pull final year, one that resulted in Joe substantiating himself as arguably a tip heel on Monday Night Raw.

Even if Joe does somehow make it behind in time for WrestleMania 34, it stands to reason that he might lapse too late to get a estimable compare on a label and will be relegated to a reduce label or pre-show match, presumably a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Finn Balor

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Recent reports suggested Finn Balor could be in line for a compare opposite The Miz at WrestleMania 34, though there’s no petrify denote that WWE will go in that direction.

Unless WWE decides to do that adversary during a final minute or pulls a vital snake and has Balor win during Elimination Chamber, he could be left out in a cold come WrestleMania 34. Although Balor is clearly one of WWE’s many renouned stars and appears to be a top sell mover as well, Vince McMahon reportedly is not a fan of Balor, who he sees as “bland” unless he’s utilizing his “Demon King” gimmick that is typically used usually for vital shows.

Simply formed on throng reactions and indications that Balor is an chosen sell seller (despite not carrying anything imitative a clever push), one would consider that he would have during slightest a midcard singles compare on a WrestleMania 34 card. But if he doesn’t face The Miz or group adult with Balor Club to face The Miztourage, there doesn’t seem to be a definite adversary or any arrange of backup devise lined adult for him.

According to multiple reports, Balor was pulled from a intensity Survivor Series compare with Brock Lesnar final year since he “wasn’t over enough” (and that’s roughly laughable), so there’s unequivocally no revelation what a mindset of McMahon or anyone on a artistic group is per Balor’s pull or skip thereof. Though he should be featured prominently during WrestleMania, there’s no obvious opponent for him as of now, and this late in a game, that’s typically not a good sign.

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