5 Ways Jan 2018 Will Be A Historical Month For WWE, Pro Wrestling

January 5, 2018 - WWE

In 2018, WWE is wasting no time in grabbing headlines and creation history. The initial month of a new year will be a vicious one for a promotion, that total to be concerned in all from an initial plan with Facebook Watch to presumably rising another football league.

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The Mixed Match Challenge is usually one of several ways Jan 2018 will be a chronological month for pro wrestling.

And while Jan will be really good to WWE, promotions outward of a worldwide personality have inhabitant cache in a month as well, namely New Japan Pro Wrestling.

January 2018 stands to be a furious month for a cyclical courtesy that will be on a uptick via a initial entertain of a year.

New Japan Pro Wrestling: Wrestle Kingdom 12—January 4, 2018

New Japan Pro Wrestling might never paint tangible foe to WWE, though a innovative graduation garnered inhabitant courtesy after a warn signing of Chris Jericho.

Wrestle Kingdom 12 aired in a diminutive hours of a morning on Thursday. The six-hour illusory was arguably a many buzzworthy Wrestle Kingdom eventuality in history, with roughly 35,000 fans stuffing a Tokyo Dome to declare Chris Jericho competing outward of a WWE for a initial time in 19 years to take on Kenny Omega. Omega degraded Jericho in a illusory no suspension matchup filled with weapons and violence.


New Japan Pro Wrestling Presents Wrestle Kingdom 12 featuring Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega in a semi-main event.

The further of Chris Jericho is a staggering step in a continued expansion of New Japan Pro Wrestling, that has seen a revenue jump every year given it was purchased by Bushiroad in 2012.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge—January 16, 2018

WWE has teamed adult with Facebook Live for a singular Mixed Match Challenge contest that will span masculine and womanlike WWE Superstars in tab group competition.

WWE has already announced four of 12 teams. Finn Balor will group adult with Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman is interconnected with Alexa Bliss, Bobby Roode is interconnected with Charlotte and Rusev and Lana will form a tournament’s usually husband-wife duo. And while this eventuality has built-in chronological value for being a initial #WWEMMC, it could also figure into WWE’s ongoing negotiations for a new radio agreement as a stream understanding with NBC Universal is adult in 2019.

WWE reportedly met with several networks to showcase a programming final summer, including Amazon, Disney, CBS, YouTube and Fox. The Fox-WWE assembly is quite eyebrow-raising as a network’s TV understanding with a UFC expires this year. The heading churned martial humanities graduation has already strike a open marketplace in office of a understanding value $450 million.

Should UFC leave Fox, WWE could paint a viable choice while also forcing a palm of NBC Universal and a USA Network, that desperately needs WWE to say its slipping stranglehold atop a simple wire ratings.

Here’s where a #WWEMMC is so intriguing: With Facebook entering a live streaming locus by Facebook Watch, that analysts design to bring in $565 million by a finish of 2018, both WWE and Facebook will be gripping a tighten eye on usually what form of assembly a Mixed Match Challenge can beget for a first-year live streaming service.

Facebook Watch’s calm is now filled with pretender existence radio shows, so live programming from WWE is simply a biggest endeavour to date. Should a #WWEMMC infer to be an strenuous success, formed on viewership data, Facebook Watch could turn a both a darkhorse and a negotiate chip as WWE looks to pointer a new radio rights understanding in 2019.

Raw’s 25th Anniversary Show—January 22, 2018

WWE is compelling a 25th anniversary uncover roughly equally to a all-in graduation of 2012’s Raw 1000 broadcast. Raw 1000 was an strenuous success, drawing over 6 million viewers—its highest series given 2009.

With best-of vignettes heading adult to a show, advertised appearances from a litany of Hall of Famers, a simulcast from the Manhattan Center and a Barclays Center and rumors of a vital WrestleMania proclamation concerning John Cena—all while functioning as a go-home uncover for a Royal Rumble—Raw 25 total to have a ideal multiple of nostalgia and stream storylines to be one of WWE’s highest-rated shows in years.

Possible XFL Announcement—January 25, 2018? 

Vince McMahon appears to be adult to something football-related as a fickle billionaire has been filing away with trademarks associated to XFL, UFL and URFL all while regulating $100 million of his possess income to account Alpha Entertainment, LLC.

According to blogger Brad Shephard, an announcement associated to a XFL could be done as early as Jan 25, that coincides with a week that will underline a 25th anniversary of Raw and a Royal Rumble. Throw in a early WrestleMania deteriorate bounce, and all eyes figure to be on WWE in late January.

WWE Royal Rumble—January 28, 2018

Credit: WWE.com

WWE’s first-ever women’s Royal Rumble will atmosphere Sunday, Jan 29, 2018.

Not usually will WWE be rolling out arguably a second-biggest eventuality of a year on Jan 28, though a chronological vibes will continue when WWE facilities a first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble.

With 30 entrants set to a compete, and good underneath 30 women now on a active register (21 to be exact) this compare total to be an all-hands-on-deck event installed with intensity warn appearances from a likes of The Bella Twins, NXT stars and hopefully Sable, WWE idol and a mother of stream concept champion Brock Lesnar.

Ronda Rousey immediately popped up in a gossip indent on a proclamation of a Women’s Royal Rumble, as a former UFC women’s bantamweight champion has been seen training in a wrestling ring, though her stream film report creates that probability both extraordinary and some-more of a quite intolerable impulse should it happen.

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