5 Ways WWE Can Ensure Its Fans Stick Around This Fall

August 31, 2017 - WWE

WWE is about to enter a toughest time of a year, when TV foe increases and pro wrestling fans tend to balance out in droves.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

According to WWE’s Key Performance Indicators, Raw viewership typically plummets in a fourth entertain any year while a WWE Network subscriber count typically drops with it. Neither of those things have to happen, however, as a WWE Network subscriber count dump is typically really minimal (just 13,000 in Q4 2016) while ratings can skyrocket if a engagement is right.

That’s a key: WWE needs to give fans some-more than one reason to balance into Raw and SmackDown instead of strike shows like Monday Night Football or Bachelor in Paradise. Of course, that is many easier pronounced than done, and it will be formidable for WWE to pledge that fans hang around this fall, a time when they typically leave.

But there are ways WWE could boost a chances of progressing a audience. Here are 5 suggestions that could assistance WWE keep a fans tuning in this fall.

The Shield Reunion

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Even before Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were determined as singles stars and individual tip 5 sell sellers, there was justification that The Shield contingent ranked among WWE’s biggest draws.

Back in 2014, The Shield was a No. 6 best seller on WWEShop.com while a star-studded fast also valid to be a tremendous quarter-hour ratings draw on Raw. It’s protected to contend that a star energy of all 3 performers has augmenting significantly given afterwards and that a intensity reunion between a 3 categorical eventers is a no-brainer, a sentimental pierce that could keep or move behind fans who remember a excellence days of The Shield.

In fact, we already dual thirds of a approach there with Rollins and Ambrose recently winning a Raw Tag Team Championship as one of a many renouned acts in a company. Reigns, of course, continues to be arguably WWE’s many polarizing star, and as someone who has achieved it all in WWE, there’s no reason since he couldn’t take a brief interregnum from his singles run and react his Shield brothers in an try to relieve some of a disapprove birds.

With a prolonged story of producing epic matches, feuds and moments, The Shield has already solidified a legacy, though could grow that bequest with another considerable run on Raw that keeps viewership from descending off a precipice this fall.

AJ Styles Regains The WWE Championship

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Most of WWE’s tip draws are on Raw, and AJ Styles’ clever sell sales indicate that he’s a definite No. 1 star on SmackDown now that John Cena is no longer there.

Styles has carried SmackDown on his behind given final year’s code split, giving legitimate definition to his catchphrase that a blue code is “the residence that AJ Styles built.” SmackDown viewership exploded late final year, augmenting by 17% over a march of 2017, in partial since of Styles, who carried a WWE Championship from Sep 2016 to Jan 2017 and delivered a series of illusory matches and feuds with stars like Cena and Ambrose.

Now, Raw packs significantly some-more star energy than SmackDown, that has seen a peculiarity plunge with Jinder Mahal during a tip of a label and should rest on a best altogether performer in Styles. “The Phenomenal One” is now doing a good pursuit of elevating a United States Championship, though many fans still perspective that pretension as a midcard belt and supporters of Styles would rather see him in a some-more high-profile role.

With Mahal struggling and stars like Randy Orton and Sami Zayn in a state of flux, Styles should once again be a No. 1 star on SmackDown and should reason a WWE pretension to barricade himself as such.

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