5 Ways WWE Can Save The Struggling Mixed Match Challenge

February 9, 2018 - WWE

Credit: WWE.com

After last week’s Episode 3 of a MMC , featuring Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss vs. Big E and Carmella, a Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer (h/t Ringside News) reported that WWE was unfortunate with a show’s struggling viewership, and that was before it forsaken by some-more than 50% for that episode:

Mixed Match Challenge forsaken severely in viewership. Even before this week’s numbers came in, we had listened they were really unfortunate about a outrageous dump from week one to week dual and pivotal people were already souring on it.

Here is a demeanour during a show’s rise viewership by a initial 4 weeks:

  • Week 1: 135,600
  • Week 2: 91,900
  • Week 3: 62,400
  • Week 4: 77,700

It’s protected to contend that those numbers are good subsequent what WWE approaching a MMC to do when it was initial announced. In fact, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had reported that WWE was regulating a MMC as a “trial run” of sorts to see if Facebook could be a intensity alighting mark for WWE’s subsequent TV deal. Indeed, reports prove that Facebook is meddlesome in alighting a rights to Raw and SmackDown, yet it’s positively probable that a unsatisfactory viewership for a MMC is a heavy pointer that could means Facebook to stay out of a behest war.

But even yet a MMC hasn’t achieved adult to expectations so far, it’s not too late to try to spin things around. Here are 5 suggestions for WWE on how to move some-more viewers to a Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook Watch.

Use More Major Stars Who Aren’t Part Of The Tournament

Credit: WWE.com

WWE is regulating a series of tip stars in a MMC, yet it’s withdrawal out only as many.

Noticeably absent from a contest are John Cena and Roman Reigns, WWE’s tip dual sell sellers and arguably a dual biggest stars, while other vital names like AJ Styles (who is substantially No. 3) and Seth Rollins are also not on a show. While WWE is not going to change a brackets this late into a game, it’s protected to contend a association would be blank a golden event by not utilizing some of these stars who are not partial of a contest on a uncover in some capacity.

Especially with Cena feuding with Elias (who will group with Bayley in a tournament) and with Styles feuding with Sami Zayn, WWE has copiousness of ways it could association stars who are in a contest with stars who are in it. Perhaps Cena could offer as a guest commentator for Elias’ MMC compare while Styles could lay ringside for Zayn’s compare if he and Becky Lynch are selected as a group that gets a second possibility to reenter a tournament.

Of course, announcing arriving appearances from Cena, Reigns, Styles or other tip stars on a MMC good in allege would be a good approach to attract some-more fans to a show. While not a pledge that this would outcome in estimable viewership increases, it’s a protected gamble that would substantially boost viewership if fans know a week or dual in allege that Cena or Reigns will be on a show. In fact, WWE seems to already be toying with this thought after Daniel Bryan was a special guest arbitrate for Week 4, that increasing by some-more than 15,000 viewers and showed that maybe regulating other large stars is a approach to go.

Tie It Into Storylines On Raw And SmackDown

Credit: WWE.com

One of a biggest issues with a MMC is that it is mostly a apart entity from both Raw and SmackDown even yet it is done adult exclusively of stars from those shows.

Wrestling fans adore continuity, yet there is probably no storyline smoothness between a MMC and possibly of a categorical register brands, that could be a large reason because fans don’t seem to be really meddlesome in examination it. A elementary pill for that would be for WWE to safeguard that there is some form of crossover between what happens on a MMC and what happens on both Raw and SmackDown.

For example, maybe Balor and Banks group adult on Raw in a churned tab group compare that is used as a “tuneup” for their subsequent MMC compare yet also continues their ongoing categorical register storylines. Another suggestion: A Raw or SmackDown luminary faces consequences from a show’s GM or Commissioner for losing an MMC match. Well, we get a idea. The idea is a same in possibly scenario, or any identical ones, in that joining a MMC with Raw or SmackDown will make a MMC matter more.

The MMC, during slightest so far, has come opposite as a saved residence show, and yet that’s excellent to some viewers, others wish some-more of a story behind it, that is something that smoothness would positively accomplish.

source ⦿ https://www.forbes.com/sites/blakeoestriecher/2018/02/09/5-ways-wwe-can-save-the-struggling-mixed-match-challenge/

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