5 Ways WWE Can Win Back Its Fans

May 28, 2017 - WWE

WWE is losing fans during an alarmingly fast rate.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

According to PWInsider.com’s Dave Scherer (h/t WhatCulture), viewership for WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw has plummeted by a whopping 20% over a march of a final year:

This past week’s part of Raw drew 2,615,000 viewers, that creates it a lowest-watched part of a year. It’s been a month given a overnight series on Raw (which doesn’t embody DVR viewership) pennyless 3 million, and this week’s series represents a 20% dump from a same week final year, when Raw drew 3,268,000 viewers.

While some of that dump can be attributed to cord-cutters, it does pronounce to a bigger problem: WWE’s inability to say a observation audience.

And WWE should be seeking itself a few critical questions, like because this is function and what a association can do to stop it. Although there positively isn’t one right answer or one vital repair that can make WWE’s problems go away, there are positively things WWE can do to safeguard a viewership emanate doesn’t get worse, or improved yet, indeed improves.

Here are 5 ways WWE can win behind a fans, who are solemnly yet positively disappearing.

Better Use Of Part-Timers

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Both Raw viewership and a WWE Network subscriber count (nearly dual million during WrestleMania 33) rise during times when WWE focuses heavily on part-timers, like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and The Undertaker.

So, no. Completely interlude a use of part-timers positively isn’t a answer, even yet it would force WWE to concentration on new talent. Rather, it’s adult to WWE to safeguard that a association utilizes those part-timers a best approach possible, and there are several ways to do that.

For starters, WWE should cruise swelling out a use of part-time attractions. For example, a association should equivocate loading adult a “Big Four” shows, like Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, with large names who disappear when a B-level pay-per-views come around. This would accomplish a idea of still carrying part-timers be a discerning repair for ratings or subscriber issues while carrying a combined advantage of ensuring that ratings and a WWE Network count don’t plunge as shortly as those stars disappear. Why? Because when one leaves, another will still be around.

Another approach for WWE to get a many out of a part-timers is for them to correlate some-more with full-timers, who can get a “rub” from operative with them. Rather than carrying countless part-timer vs. part-timer matches, such as Goldberg vs. Lesnar or Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon, WWE should do a best to pledge that part-timers and full-timers work with any other on a unchanging basement in extended feuds and storylines.

Either way, a outcome is a same: Bringing behind fans who disappear when part-timers aren’t around.

Stress The Importance Of The WWE And Universal Titles

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

When a WWE Championship was hold by AJ Styles, who had a extensive run with a pretension final year, SmackDown’s ratings trended in a right direction, increasing by 17% by a finish of a year. On a flip side, Raw’s poorly requisitioned power of Kevin Owens as Universal Champion resulted in a show’s ratings relocating 10% in a conflicting direction.

That’s a primary instance of what good engagement can do for a program, and conversely, how bad engagement can severely destroy a show’s appeal.

Flash brazen to May 2017, and both of WWE’s universe pretension have taken a step backward. Jinder Mahal is a WWE Champion, and yet that might make long-term clarity as WWE attempts to enhance into India, it positively hasn’t helped a status of a WWE Championship, that has already been hold by 5 opposite superstars this year. Raw’s Universal pretension has a opposite problem, however, that is an absentee champion.

Other than a post-Mania Raw appearance, Lesnar has totally left from TV given WrestleMania, that has combined a directionless and purposeless Raw that has seen its ratings dump off a corner of a cliff in new weeks. The solution, of course, is both apparent and simple: WWE needs to put a tip dual titles on full-time stars who will outcome in increasing seductiveness in not usually a universe pretension stage yet a product as a whole.

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