5 Ways WWE Is Desperately Trying To Make Roman Reigns Its Top Star

March 9, 2018 - WWE

WWE is relocating full steam forward with a vast pull for Roman Reigns.

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Reigns, trust it or not, has suffered his satisfactory share of waste over a final year or so, particularly losing vital matches during Extreme Rules and SummerSlam in 2017 and both during Royal Rumble and in that ancestral gauntlet compare on Raw in 2018. But notwithstanding Reigns’ win/loss record being worse than approaching in vast matches, that hasn’t prevented WWE from doing all it can to position Reigns as a bona fide face of a organisation and a successor apparent to John Cena.

At this point, though, there is still some apparent fan rancour to a long-running pull of Reigns, who continues to be one of a many polarizing total in wrestling history. However, there are many signs that his pull is working, like his incredibly clever YouTube viewership and impressive sell sales, and even when his pull doesn’t seem to be going over too good with WWE’s many ardent fans, WWE pulls out all a stops to pledge that it does.

Over a past 6 months or so, WWE has done a series of vital moves in regards to a engagement of Reigns, all with a ultimate thought of assisting him secure his mark as “the guy” in WWE. Here are 5 ways WWE has desperately attempted to make Reigns a No. 1 star.

His “Shoot” Promo On Brock Lesnar

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There is zero like a good “shoot” promo to assistance a star win over even a hardest-to-please fans, and Reigns’ worked fire promo on Brock Lesnar a integrate of weeks ago was a transparent try to get Reigns some some-more cheers.

Reigns was requisitioned to call out Lesnar on each vital emanate fans have with “The Beast,” including Lesnar’s accessible part-time agreement and long-running rumors that Lesnar doesn’t caring about pro wrestling and is simply in it for a paycheck. The promo worked, too. Many called it the best promo of Reigns’ career in vast partial since they’ve gotten ill of Lesnar’s hardly there report and since they concluded with many of a points Reigns was making.

It’s a page right out of a John Cena vs. The Rock playbook, when “The Champ” would impugn “The Great One” for usually display adult from time to time and not being truly dedicated to WWE. The idea, of course, was to supplement a clarity of realism to their feud, and it paid off as their compare during WrestleMania 28 was a biggest reason since that pay-per-view is the many purchased in WWE history.

That argument was somewhat opposite since The Rock and Cena were both definite babyfaces, though a format of a Reigns/Lesnar adversary is utterly similar. Ultimately, it’s all about regulating a real-life probability that Lesnar might leave a company in sequence to relieve some of a disapprove birds for Reigns, and it has worked to a certain grade as a greeting to Reigns’ promo was surprisingly and overwhelmingly positive.

Maintaining that movement will be a totally opposite animal, though with reports saying WWE wants to make this argument seem as genuine as possible, don’t be astounded if Reigns continues to whack Lesnar in track to WrestleMania 34 in an try to win over some-more fans.

Associating Him With Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose

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As indicated by their (likely) tip 5 sell sales in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are about as tighten to Reigns as you’re going to get when it comes to WWE’s full-time stars.

Both Ambrose and Rollins are consistently pushed as top midcard and categorical eventers, and as dual stars who are roughly zodiacally liked, WWE mostly uses them to a advantage of Reigns. That explains since WWE mostly associates Rollins and/or Ambrose with Reigns in some way, figure or form, including final tumble when The Shield, once a top sell seller during their prime in 2014, reunited and was positioned as a No. 2 seller in WWEShop.com advertisements behind usually Cena.

It also explains since Reigns is still loosely compared on-screen with Rollins, who is in a midst of one of a best stretches of his career and is arguably a hottest act on Raw right now. The proof behind creation certain Reigns continues to have some form of on-screen loyalty with Rollins (and Ambrose, who is harmed right now) is simple: Seeing Reigns with Rollins will make fans skip The Shield, and ideally, that will means fans to like Reigns some-more than they would otherwise.

The Shield is maybe a many renouned fast in new WWE history, so carrying Reigns subtly or not so subtly continue to have a tie to that organisation (he does still use a opening song and ring gear, after all) is WWE’s approach of anticipating that fans like him some-more than they routinely would. After all, if we go behind and watch some of a segments involving The Shield from final year, like the group’s central reunion (which was one of WWE’s many noticed YouTube videos in 2017), it’s easy to see since WWE believes that a lax organisation between Reigns and a other Shield members is a best approach to have Reigns win over a fans who depreciate him a most.

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