5 Ways WWE Will Benefit From Dual-Branded Pay-Per-Views

February 23, 2018 - WWE

WWE will shortly make a extreme change to a pay-per-view format, one that could eventually be for a raise of a company.

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The company issued an central matter (h/t WrestlingInc) per a destiny of a PPV schedule, and a many important change is that it will no longer have single-branded PPVs as of May 2018. Beginning with Backlash on May 6th, all WWE PPVs will underline matches from both Raw and SmackDown going forward. WWE also cut dual events from a PPV schedule, definition that there will usually be 12 sum PPVs this year:

A few changes have been done to a strange PPV schedule. Previously,Payback(SmackDown) was scheduled to be on May 27, yet has been removed.Extreme Rules(Raw) was primarily scheduled to be on Sep 16, yet is now on Jul 15 withBattleground(Raw) being removed. Hell in a Cell(SmackDown) was on Sep 30 and has been altered to Sep 16.

Although WWE’s code separate will still sojourn in effect, a finish of single-branded PPVs outlines a estimable change after a association reverted behind to single-branded shows when a code prolongation returned in a summer of 2016. While many fans can see a apparent disadvantages of dual-branded shows, such as a miss of PPV time for reduce label stars, there are copiousness of ways a WWE product can urge after relocating on from a single-branded PPV format.

Here are 5 advantages of WWE’s lapse to a dual-branded PPV structure.

More Televised Title Matches

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If you’re an zealous viewer of Raw and SmackDown, you’re expected to notice during slightest one extreme change to WWE’s weekly programming when dual-branded shows return.

According to a Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez (h/t Ringside News), WWE will “have some-more pretension matches on weekly radio shows relocating forward” as a outcome of a PPV overhaul. The suspicion routine is that, with 9 categorical register championships, WWE will not wish any PPV to include roughly wholly of pretension matches, so in an bid to forestall that from happening, we can design to see some-more championship matches on both Raw and SmackDown.

At opposite points via their history, both Raw and SmackDown have during times avoided an overkill of pretension matches on TV given a PPV indication was geared toward building to PPV matches and anticipating fans would buy those PPVs. That truth has altered a bit, however, quite in a box of SmackDown, that seemed to have a vast volume of televised pretension matches final year. That could explain why, according to WWE Corporate, SmackDown’s TV ratings softened by 5% final year while Raw’s stayed accurately a same during an normal of 2.22.

SmackDown did a good pursuit of building adult to pretension matches (and changes) like AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal for a WWE Championship and treated fans to a triple hazard compare between Styles, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, that are dual good examples of marquee pretension matches, a likes of that fans will see some-more of post-WrestleMania 34.

Better Attendance

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The single-brand PPV format clearly wasn’t operative for WWE.

According to WWE’s Key Performance Indicators, normal live eventuality assemblage reached a lowest spin over a march of a final 3 years in Q3 2017 when a normal assemblage was only 4,900 fans per show, even yet Raw installed adult a No Mercy PPV in Septmeber with both Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman and John Cena vs. Roman Reigns. To put that into perspective, a Feb 19th book of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that normal assemblage for live events in 2017 was 5,652, a high dump from 6,110 they averaged in 2016.

A lot of that had to do with WWE’s bad assemblage for brand-specific PPVs, many particularly for SmackDown. Despite being hold in one of a best wrestling cities in a world, Chicago, Backlash 2017 was injured by bad sheet sales, maybe given it featured a walking categorical eventuality of Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal. Ditto for Battleground 2017, that also featured Orton vs. Mahal in a categorical eventuality and was maybe a misfortune single-brand PPV given a code separate returned in 2016.

Thus, fans have done it ideally transparent that single-brand PPVs simply were not good adequate to make them interested. That’s expected to change with dual-brand shows that should underline some-more marquee matches, and in turn, lead to improved normal and altogether assemblage for all PPVs relocating brazen as even Elimination Chamber has struggled with delayed sheet sales.

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