5 WWE Raw Stars Who Must Move To SmackDown In The Superstar Shakeup

April 13, 2018 - WWE

WWE will reason a “Superstar Shakeup” on subsequent week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown , and a association could potentially pierce tip names like Roman Reigns, AJ Styles and Braun Strowman between a tip dual brands.

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The final “Superstar Shakeup” in Apr 2017 worked wonders in terms of providing a short-term boost to WWE’s TV ratings, and in fact, by a finish of a year, SmackDown’s ratings jumped by an considerable 5%. What finished that such a outrageous warn is that a normal WWE fan will tell we that Raw got a improved finish of final year’s line-up of register moves, alighting a likes of Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, The Miz and Alexa Bliss, while SmackDown didn’t seem to get as many in return.

Even yet Raw’s ratings usually managed to reason solid (they didn’t boost or diminution during all final year), there still appears to be a outrageous imbalance of star energy between WWE’s tip dual brands, generally with Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe all returning to Raw on this week’s episode. Part of that stems from Raw wanting somewhat some-more star energy given it’s a longer show, though with WWE already pulling a trigger on a lapse to dual-brand pay-per-views because of “repetitive matchups and delayed sheet sales,” more needs to be finished to modernise Raw and SmackDown.

The easiest approach to do that, of course, is to reason another breeze or “Superstar Shakeup,” and with WWE’s chronicle of a breeze set to take place subsequent week, we could see a series of outrageous moves that will energise both brands and a superstars on them. So, that superstars should switch shows? Let’s take a demeanour during 5 superstars who badly need to pierce from Raw to SmackDown.

The Miz

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The Miz has consistently been one of Raw’s many featured heels given relocating there a year ago, and it’s protected to contend he’s been one of WWE’s best ones, too.

Yet, WWE, during slightest in partial due to Brock Lesnar’s extensive Universal pretension reign, hasn’t seemed vigilant on pulling The Miz over a tip midcard and a Intercontinental Championship picture. That’s all excellent and dandy, though during some point, a association contingency come to a fulfilment that it’s time for The Miz to pierce over that turn and enter a universe pretension design once again. The best approach for him to do that is to pierce to SmackDown, that over a final year has focused heavily on rising heels like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Jinder Mahal.

While stranded in a logjam of peculiarity heels on Raw, including during times Lesnar, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe, The Miz hasn’t been means to allege to a really tip of a label where he belongs. That’s positively a bit of a head-scratcher given that The Miz seemed to arise into a very good pull final year, when he seemed to do surprisingly good in terms of generating sell sales and YouTube viewership. Throw in his consistently extensive performances, and it’s formidable to know because he was traded from SmackDown to start with given that he was so good as a centerpiece of that uncover in 2016 and early 2017.

The Miz has shown a intensity to be a brand’s tip heel and arise above a midcard pretension picture, though as prolonged as he’s stranded on a uncover with a likes of Lesnar, Joe, Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor and so many others, it could infer to be formidable for him to do that for some-more than a short-term categorical eventuality run. Plus, with Daniel Bryan now an active aspirant on SmackDown, it usually creates clarity to pierce The Miz there to finally get a boon to a long-term (and brilliantly booked) argument between those dual stars.

Jeff Hardy

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With Vince McMahon and other WWE officials reportedly being tender by Matt Hardy’s “The Ultimate Deletion,” that should pave a approach for Jeff Hardy to bend out on his possess after his lapse on Raw.

Jeff might have only returned to a red brand, a same uncover as his hermit Matt, though his “Brother Nero” act has always played second fiddle to Matt’s “Woken” or “Broken” character. Having Jeff transition behind to being “Brother Nero” would be a misled move, generally given a intensity that Jeff has to retrieve his mark as one of WWE’s biggest and best singles babyface stars. Clearly, there is a ton of fan seductiveness in Jeff operative underneath his sentimental Hardy Boyz gimmick as he and Matt’s epic lapse during WrestleMania 33 was WWE’s many noticed new YouTube video of 2017.

But even going behind good over that, Jeff has shown that he has an unimaginable tie with fans, identical to what we’ve seen with loser form performers like AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan in new years. In fact, Jeff was during one indicate during his final WWE run even rivaling John Cena’s sell sales, proof only how large of a star he is when given a right pull and storyline, like his epic SmackDown argument with CM Punk in 2009.

The blue code has always felt like a right place for Jeff, who doesn’t need to be on a same code as his hermit to attain and positively would give WWE’s ostensible B-show another illusory fan favorite to build a programming around. There is some-more income to be finished with Jeff operative solo as a categorical eventer on SmackDown than there is with him portion as a extra square to “Woken” Matt’s act (especially with Bray Wyatt now being interconnected with Matt), and WWE would be lingering not to comprehend that immediately on Jeff’s return.

Placing him on SmackDown, along with Bryan, would give WWE’s No. 2 code a stellar multiple of tip babyfaces to concentration on in a evident future.

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