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April 12, 2018 - WWE

WWE needs to make a series of extreme changes to revive a change between Raw and SmackDown.

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Last year’s “Superstar Shakeup,” yet it achieved WWE’s idea of temporarily augmenting TV viewership, was widely seen as a large pitch and a skip by WWE. It was afterwards that a association ripped SmackDown of many of a core, including Dean Ambrose, The Miz, Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss, that was unpropitious to a peculiarity of a show’s programming. The categorical reason since is that it resulted in a blue code overexposing Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, while Raw clearly had some-more altogether star power, including a likes of Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

The lapse of Daniel Bryan has positively helped SmackDown, though it’s still rather apparent that WWE needs to change some marquee names around to breathe new life into a feuds and storylines. While there is a engorgement of Raw stars who would advantage from a pierce to SmackDown (and in turn, assistance out their new home as well), there is also copiousness of stars from a blue code who could reap a rewards of a change to a red brand.

With a “Superstar Shakeup” set to take place on subsequent week’s editions of Raw and SmackDown, here are 5 vital SmackDown superstars who should switch to Raw during WWE’s chronicle of a NFL Draft.

The Usos

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The New Day and a Usos are in a joining of their possess in WWE’s tab group division, that is accurately since they should be on apart shows.

The dual star-studded tab teams have carried SmackDown’s tab group stage for many of a final year (and feuded on and off for many of it), and a Usos have excelled so many over that camber that Paul Heyman has pronounced they could eventually go down as a best tab group in WWE history. That’s high regard from Heyman, who recognizes usually how innovative a Usos have been, generally over a past year or dual when their singular and artistic promos have done them one of WWE’s many renouned acts.

In 2014, a Usos cemented themselves as top sell movers, though fell off for a integrate of years before new reestablishing themselves as elite sell movers once again, a loyal covenant to their ability to adjust and modernise their characters. With The New Day also ranking among WWE’s best sell sellers and WWE’s tab group multiplication not unequivocally carrying adequate altogether abyss to keep both tab teams on a same show, a intelligent pierce is to boat a Usos over to Raw since they’ve spent a final dual years on SmackDown and have zero left to do there.

Raw’s tab group multiplication desperately needs a unchanging tab group over The Bar, and a Usos would positively give it one. Plus, with a call-up of a Authors of Pain as good as Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt combining a new tag team, a red brand’s once sad tab group multiplication could unexpected be a splendid mark on Monday nights.


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One of a misfortune things about SmackDown being dual hours is that, with such a singular volume of TV time, many superstars are consistently left off a uncover no matter how gifted or renouned they competence be.

That relates to guys like Tye Dillinger and Chad Gable, though is ideally personified by Rusev, who has been generating some of a best reactions in WWE for several months though usually recently got a unchanging mark on TV and even reportedly asked to be release since he was undone with his miss of TV time. Although Rusev challenged for the United States Championship during WrestleMania 34, he got pinned in that hitch after he spent mixed months being left though a estimable storyline on SmackDown, notwithstanding a fact that he had become WWE’s hottest sell seller.

While Rusev’s considerable sell sales reportedly helped him acquire his approach into that US pretension match at WrestleMania 34, a controversial and unsuitable engagement of his impression on SmackDown doesn’t accurately teach a lot of faith in fans about that pull stability for a prolonged haul. After all, Rusev was reportedly was supposed to get a pull that Jinder Mahal got final year, and a fact that Mahal hold a pretension for roughly half a year while Rusev toiled divided in No Man’s Land suggests that Rusev might be improved off on Raw.

There is no pledge of a postulated pull for Rusev on a red code either, though with an additional hour of TV time any week, that creates it many some-more expected that Rusev has a unchanging participation on TV. And of course, we have to be on TV to get a push, that is accurately what Rusev deserves given his definite and really organic popularity.

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