5 WWE Stars Who Badly Need A Character Change

November 13, 2017 - WWE

WWE fans know that a change in impression can work wonders for a superstar, like it’s finished with a Usos, The New Day and Braun Strowman.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

In a box of Jimmy and Jey, they went from being seared babyfaces to a many interesting heel tab group in a association progressing this year. A few years ago, Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods were mislaid in a midcard shuffle. Then, WWE put them together as a trio, and it resulted in a stable offered some-more sell than anyone in WWE during a week of WrestleMania 32. Not prolonged ago, Strowman was a servant for Bray Wyatt as a partial of a Wyatt Family, and now, he is apparently building into one of WWE’s biggest attractions.

But for each New Day or Strowman, there is another WWE star who hasn’t been as fortunate.

While WWE is installed with talent, many of those superstars are struggling to advantage their footing. For some, that’s given a engagement has finished them no favors. For others, it’s given their characters simply aren’t joining with a crowd. For many, it might be a multiple of both. In a box of all of them, however, there’s one apparent approach to assistance those stars recover: Reinvigorate their characters.

Here are 5 superstars who would advantage tremendously from a impression change, either that be a heel/face spin or an wholly new gimmick.

Randy Orton

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Even Randy Orton himself will tell we that he wants to be a heel. Here’s what “The Viper” had to contend about that on Edge and Christian’s podcast EC’s Pod of Awesomeness (h/t Sportskeeda) in late September:

I adore it and I’m gonna use that, hopefully earlier than after when we spin heel again given I’m ill of this babyface thing, that’s for sure.

Orton is in one of those uncanny spots where, as a good reputable legend, he’s extravagantly cheered as a babyface even yet a widespread suspicion is that he’s best matched to be a heel. From 2006 to 2010, Orton was arguably a best heel in WWE, and yet he’s spent some time as a knave given then, he’s radically been a babyface for a final 6 or 7 years, that has to be deliberate a head-scratching preference when we cruise how diseased a heel side of SmackDown has been during times.

WWE apparently has adequate faith in Orton to keep him in a high-profile purpose that has consistently done him one of WWE’s top paid stars and one of a strongest draws formed on recent YouTube data. But a controversial preference to keep him as a babyface has unequivocally singular what his stream impression can do, as it radically revolves around attack “RKOs outta nowhere” and not many else that fans can penetrate their teeth into.

With Orton even realizing that he’s improved (and presumably some-more motivated) as a heel, WWE would be correct to cruise reverting Orton behind to that role. And a good thing is, it wouldn’t need many of a impression change for Orton, who radically works like a heel when he’s a babyface anyway.


Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Bayley is a clarification of a white beef babyface, who always does a honest and important thing and rarely, if ever, has any shades of gray.

That seemed to work for her in NXT as Google Shopping searches (h/t Fightful) indicate that she was expected WWE’s No. 4 womanlike sell seller in 2016, when she spent many of her time as a womanlike face of NXT. Her definite recognition in NXT had some speculating that she could be WWE’s womanlike homogeneous to John Cena on a categorical roster, portion as an ideal purpose indication and being a outrageous sell inciter given of it.

But even approach behind in 2015 when Bayley was arguably during her rise in NXT, there was regard about whether she would flower or destroy miserably on a categorical roster, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc):

Regarding Bayley, there’s been some contention over either she will be a biggest womanlike star in WWE story or if she will destroy on a categorical roster. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a feeling in WWE is that there’s no in between for Bayley. Some people see Bayley as a womanlike John Cena, with a thought that she could do gift work and pierce in younger womanlike fans.

If we had to tag Bayley as “the biggest womanlike star in WWE history” or a “failure” on a categorical roster, it would positively be a latter. Her shtick simply hasn’t worked given she done a pierce to Raw, and a star who was once a many renouned performer in NXT regardless of gender was indeed booed out of a building behind in August when announcing she had suffered an injury. That noted an implausible tumble for Bayley, who hasn’t been means to win over a mainstream assembly a approach she did in NXT.

Why? Because fans aren’t shopping Bayley’s white beef babyface character, and it’s transparent she needs to rise some-more of an corner if she wants to equivocate being one of a biggest categorical register flops in new memory.

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