7 Ways WWE Can Make Roman Reigns a Greatest Heel of All Time

April 21, 2017 - WWE

    While Reigns’ promo following his win over The Undertaker could be seen as WWE branch a page on his heel turn, it wasn’t a finish transition.

    He needs to make it transparent he is no longer endangered with what we consider of him. With a few elementary sentences, The Big Dog could concrete himself as a many hated male in a company.

    Think behind to when Bret Hart incited heel on a Raw before WrestleMania 13. The Hitman had been one of a many renouned Superstars in WWE for years, so it was a unsure proposition.

    After feeling like he had been screwed out of a WWE Championship in a Cage compare with Psycho Sid, Hart unleashed his dim side and went on a kind of profanity-laden diatribe customarily indifferent for Steve Austin.

    In one segment, Hart went from a dear babyface to sour heel. His spin might have been solidified during WrestleMania when he refused to let Austin out of a Sharpshooter, though a whole thing was kickstarted by one promo.

    With a right matter to set him off, Reigns could do a same thing to spin himself into a biggest criminal in a company.

    What do we consider it would take to spin Reigns into a biggest heel of all time?

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