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January 29, 2018 - WWE

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PHILADELPHIA — Long before she was an Olympian or a UFC champion or — after Sunday night, a WWE unchanging — Ronda Rousey had a well-honed prefight ritual.

She’d sleep.

“That was something my mom taught me,” Rousey pronounced Sunday afternoon, before her warn show-stealing entrance during a WWE’s Royal Rumble during a Wells Fargo Center. “Judo tournaments final all day, so we have to nap between matches. It’s tough during first, yet afterwards it usually becomes this adrenaline dump.”

As a UFC fighter, these naps became dedicated to Rousey. Anyone who’d miscarry wasn’t usually asked to leave a sauce room, yet they were also embroiled at, cussed out or thrown out. That’s how moving it was before her fights. That’s how most vigour she felt, not usually to win yet also to lift a layer for women in quarrel sports, and maybe everywhere.

She met with WWE executives, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. She hung out with her longtime agent, Brad Slater — who also manages WWE luminary and box-office aristocrat Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“People can pull their possess conclusions,” Slater pronounced of a career trajectories of Rousey and The Rock. “That was a unquestionably early partial of a conversation. … But once it started to roll, it was like, ‘You’re gonna be a initial Ronda Rousey. You’re not a subsequent Mike Tyson; you’re not a subsequent anybody.'”

The usually play came when Colton Toombs — a son of Rousey’s namesake, WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper — forsaken by and presented her with his father’s leather jacket.

“Rowdy” Ronda was changed to tears.

“He was usually such a good man,” Rousey said. “He died a night before we kick [Bethe Correia]. we didn’t spend that most time with him, yet he was such a outrageous change on my life. He unquestionably finished me comprehend how large of a shortcoming we have given of what he did for me mostly from afar.

“And he was such a good instance of how to understanding with all and not holding things personal,” Rousey continued. “He’s promoting, he’s an entertainer, and he always accepted that, and he would make himself hated in sequence to entertain. And he accepted that that’s what it was for, to make everybody adore him. And we had to stir a waters a lot and make other people not like me in sequence to make it interesting — and a approach that we didn’t take it privately was examination how Rowdy Roddy Piper never took it personally. He took honour in it. And he helped me take honour in what would substantially have damaged a lot of people.”

“I don’t consider that perplexing to make as most income as probable each singular day is a best thing for my happiness. we wish to wrestle, and we wish to be partial of this company, and we wish a people that adore this competition to accept me and honour me as being partial of a sport. we know that’ll take time, yet we also know that I’m means of anything.”

Ronda Rousey

There are those who will contend a dual waste during a finish of Rousey’s UFC career did seem to mangle her. More than a year after her final UFC fight, she still has a tough time articulate about it, most reduction usurpation it. But observant her grin so brightly on Sunday — changed to tears by chants from a fans following and embracing this new life — it’s transparent she has dealt with it in her possess way, usually not a approach many UFC fans wanted.

As she did after losing out on a bullion award in a 2008 Olympics, Rousey wallowed and mourned a detriment by herself, afterwards pivoted into a new career.

“It sounds absurd to a lot of people, right?” Rousey said, explaining given she has a tough time traffic with losses. “They’re like, you’re an Olympic medalist, we should be happy. But it would be tough to explain that to my 10-year-old self that was so certain she was gonna win a Olympics. Things occur for a reason. we unquestionably do trust that. we unquestionably do trust that a misfortune things in life lead to a best things that can occur and consider that this tour into this attention is unquestionably proof that that faith is real.”

After a detriment in a Olympics, Rousey spent a few years bartending, doing stunts, operative during an animal reconstruction hospital and sleeping in her car. Then she started doing MMA.

Her rebirth this time around was distant reduction painful.

“I’ve been doing my possess thing, lifting some goats, training some rasslin’, training how to cook, apropos a small bit concerningly concerned with ‘World of Warcraft’,” she said, laughing, and not mentioning she’s also gotten married, filmed a film with Mark Wahlberg, seemed in a ABC uncover “Battle of a Network Stars” and served as executive writer on a uncover on Go90 called “Why We Fight.”

Yes, Rousey has finished copiousness in a year given her final UFC fight, yet mostly she spent a time meditative about what comes next.

“When you’re so used to always doing what we need to do — this needs to get done, this needs to get done, this other thing needs to get finished — it’s roughly easier to know what to do given we have things that we have to do,” she said.

“And we found myself during a indicate where we didn’t have to do anything, and indeed consider about what we wish to do. It’s a genuine payoff to be means to do that, yet we consider it’s a lot some-more … difficult doubt to ask yourself than people would think: What do we indeed enjoy?”

That answer, unequivocally, was wrestling.

“When we initial met with Triple H, we told him, ‘There are other things we can do with my time that’ll make approach some-more money, yet we won’t suffer scarcely as much,'” she said. “And we don’t consider that perplexing to make as most income as probable each singular day is a best thing for my happiness. we wish to wrestle, and we wish to be partial of this company, and we wish a people that adore this competition to accept me and honour me as being partial of a sport. we know that’ll take time, yet we also know that I’m means of anything.”

Rousey says she and a WWE got critical final tumble when she hold her bachelorette celebration during a WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. She says she’s prioritizing wrestling as her primary career now. Movies will be one spoke in a wheel. But a WWE will be her focus. And in a lot of ways, it always has been.

It has been in her blood given she was a child flourishing adult in North Dakota, following WWE events by TV and video games. She had a debate snag then, so when she asked for a “bullgrin” for her birthday, it took a prolonged time for her family to figure out she meant “Hulk Hogan.”

The authorization imprinted deeply on her. The stunts, a narratives, a characters. When she became an MMA fighter, she started pulling element from Piper to marketplace and sell her picture and her fights.

“I unquestionably attempted to make my MMA career as most like wrestling as possible,” she said. “In a UFC, what everybody saw was usually a some-more farfetched chronicle of myself. Because if it was me out there, they would move a cot out to a ring, put ‘World of Warcraft’ there, move me a Skinny Cow [ice cream sandwich] and hang out with a chicken. And no one wants to see that. So we have to be a some-more charcterised chronicle of myself. … The most some-more ‘Rowdy’ chronicle of myself.

“It’s cold to be in a venue where all is not taken so literally — that we can contend a things that are on your mind, that we would never contend … like, ‘What do we mean, we was usually in character!’ It’s pardon given there’s not so most critique — given people know it is all for fun, and it is entertainment.

“They’re not judging you; they’re like, ‘You’re a good heel!’ It seems like a safer place to demonstrate myself, in a uncanny way.”

The plea now will be to amplify that voice as authentically as Rousey did while she was in a UFC.

“I also consider there’s a small bit of, ‘What can a WWE do for Ronda?'” Paul “Triple H” Levesque said. “Ronda is such a outspoken celebrity and she wants to be a one out there observant a things people are fearful to contend and to get in front of tellurian issues. So to have a height globally as large as WWE, a strech we have, it’s an extraordinary event for both sides. And entrance during it from an contestant side, with her background, to be means to do this and have fun doing it, it’s a ideal mix.”

So what does she have to contend now? What causes will she champion?

Her interest as a churned martial artist was always twofold: She was probably unbeatable in a Octagon, and she never apologized for her greatness. It felt like a new kind of femininity, one in that accomplishments were to be celebrated, not malleable to be some-more savoury to men. She didn’t worry about entrance opposite as cocky. She owned it. And if anyone had a problem, there was always that harmful armbar to close them up.

Deep down, there is a partial of her that understands her bequest in a UFC, even if she’s still demure to pronounce about how her time there ended. Rousey swayed UFC boss Dana White to start a women’s multiplication in 2012. Today there are 3 divisions, all with healthy rivalries.


Ronda Rousey doesn’t wish to speak about her waste to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes and relates it to how she felt after losing during a Olympics.

“If we was a child and we told me all this things would happen, we wouldn’t trust you,” she said. “But it creates me unquestionably happy to see a women’s multiplication abounding on a own. … When we pronounced we would be confident with my work there was when a women’s multiplication was abounding and flourishing and doing good on a own, and now there’s three. we feel like we’re there.”

While she has stayed divided from UFC fights, she has followed a few of a fighters she admires, privately strawweights Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Rose Namajunas.

“Women’s MMA is new. It’s like a small baby deer finally station adult and being means to travel on a own,” Rousey said. “It usually takes a small while. Little deer is gonna travel around for a while; it’s a usually approach it’s gonna get stronger and improved during walking. we unquestionably trust in them. we trust they’re in a place where they can keep a competition around and applaud it for women prolonged after I’m gone. That’s what I’m hoping.”

Her concentration now, though, is on a WWE, and on herself. This subsequent section is about enjoying a opportunities she combined for herself. About doing what she always wanted to do, not usually what she had to do. About sleeping by a night before a fight, not to dump adrenaline and vigour and a weight of a universe right before it.

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