Absolution’s Rise Is Paige’s WWE Redemption Story

December 3, 2017 - WWE

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Absolution’s attainment to WWE Raw might appear, on a surface, like a vital event for Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to make names for themselves on a categorical roster. But in reality, it is a emancipation story for personality Paige, who shook off debate and damage to lapse to a women’s series she sparked some 3 years ago.

The self-proclaimed Anti-Diva returned to a multiplication she was once an constituent partial of on a Nov 20 part of Raw, flanked by her associate NXT alumnae, and immediately put a register on notice.

It was a right step in repair a career that was in misunderstanding usually months progressing and environment adult a rebirth of sorts for one of a many gifted and flashy performers of this era.


The Fall

In 2016, it was suggested by both Dave Schearer or PWInsider.com and her mom Saraya Knight that Paige had suffered an damage that resulted in her disappearance from WWE television.

During her time divided from a squared circle, she underwent medicine and had a drum coaster float in her personal life, as Dave Meltzer minute in a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc).

There was a video in that she seemed along with then-boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, who ran down Triple H and WWE. There were a two violations of a WWE Wellness Policy that resulted in 30- and 60-day suspensions. Throw in a sex-tape scandal, and things were looking gloomy for a former NXT women’s and WWE Divas champion.

Threatening her pursuit with a organisation was a domestic brawl in that Paige and Del Rio got into an rumpus in an airport, heading to conjecture that a raven-haired aspirant might be a initial womanlike dangling by WWE for violating a zero tolerance routine in propinquity to domestic violence.

TMZ Sports reported, though, that Paige was off a offshoot and that no charges would be filed, maybe preventing a finish implosion of a once-promising career.

About a usually certain to come out of Paige’s time divided from a splendid lights and squared circle was a explanation that her life would be incited into a motion picture by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions.

A Superstar who once debuted to extensive fanfare, defeating AJ Lee on her initial night to constraint a tip esteem in women’s wrestling, Paige seemed to be mislaid and spiraling out of control.

Then came a event to refocus herself and ready for a lapse to a squared circle.



Absolution’s on a Nov 20 part of Raw was met with substantial fad by WWE fans. Not usually had Paige returned to WWE radio after some-more than a year away, nonetheless she had immediately been positioned as a tip contender to a Raw Women’s Championship and a personality of a contingent that appears staid to be a vital actor in a women’s division.

The Anti-Diva lent credit to Deville and Rose, who had not had adequate bearing on NXT radio to arrive on a categorical register themselves and advantage from fan fad and enthusiasm.

Paige’s participation helped those women make an evident impact and set themselves adult for a run on WWE’s flagship show without a stumbling blocks that would typically accompany them.

It was explanation of WWE Creative’s faith in Paige as a performer and on-screen presence.

Management clearly still saw Paige as an enchanting and fascinating impression fans would acquire behind with open arms and trust in that role. After a year divided and many controversial decisions, it still brought her behind to a many storied radio module and put her in a position to thrive.

It stays to be seen how prolonged Paige will be compared with Deville and Rose or if this is merely a star-making car for those NXT exports. Either way, a second-generation Brit will be essential to those women achieving whatever early success they do, with her star energy rubbing off on them. The organisation is pivotal to their acceptance within a WWE Universe.



Not usually does Paige have a event to make stars of Rose and Deville, nonetheless she also has a shot during emancipation that some were not so certain she would receive.

That scattered year divided from a ring threatened her ability to rebound behind and be a performer so many had pegged her as early in her career. If a accepting from fans in Houston on her lapse was any indication, though, her legions of fans are peaceful to pardon and forget in a name of saying their favorite badass behind between a ropes.

Paige earnings to a women’s multiplication vastly opposite than a one she left.

Yes, Sasha Banks is still a staple, nonetheless given Paige left, Bayley, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss have all turn pivotal players. Longtime opposition Emma is gone. Mickie James is back. And Asuka has done a widespread debut.

The resources of talent for her to work with in sequence to reinstate herself as an chosen performer in WWE is during an all-time high. Fresh matches, renewed integrity and fan seductiveness will advantage Paige in ways we have nonetheless to see.

One of a best workers on a register before her injury, a usually doubt left to answer is either she can rediscover that same turn of in-ring opening or either she will have to change her character to strengthen herself.

Will she be a less-physical workman who relies on some-more strikes and reduction bumping to tell her stories, or will she shrug off required meditative and lapse to a impossibly heated character that has prolonged been her bread and butter?

With a compare opposite Sasha Banks announced for Monday’s Raw, fans should find out earlier rather than later.

One thing is for certain: Paige has a event to redeem herself, to be a all-time good everybody has prolonged approaching her to be. Renewed loyalty to a competition her family has clinging itself to for decades will usually assistance that process.

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