Adrian Neville, Hugo Knox and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

November 13, 2014 - WWE

Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn have both been bustling during WWE’s European tour.

Neville worked both a live eventuality in Newcastle and a SmackDown taping in Liverpool, England. As listed by, Neville wrestled on a Nov. 11. taping where he degraded Fandango in a dim match. WWE posted his entrance during a Newcastle residence uncover on Vine. 

His hometown throng gave Neville a loud, robust welcome.

These opportunities partially came as a outcome of Neville being English, though some-more importantly, he warranted them given he’s among NXT’s tip stars and is shutting in on a categorical register spot. He and Sami Zayn have been saying a lot of a ring outward of NXT as of late. 

Zayn wrestled on Main Event for a second true week; he lost to Tyson Kidd as he did final time around.

Zayn also battled Neville during a Nov. 10 residence uncover in Bournemouth, England, per

It now feels like a two-man competition between Zayn and Neville to see who can get a central call-up first. 

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