After Royal Rumble, WWE’s Road to WrestleMania Becomes Clear

January 30, 2017 - WWE

Sunday night, WWE did something magical: it got a throng to cocktail aloud for Randy Orton winning a Royal Rumble. All it took was for Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and Undertaker to discharge any other, and one Roman Reigns entrance during series 30 to unequivocally get a throng behind anybody else. That it was Randall K. Orton to reap a rewards wasn’t too many of a shock; he was a odds-on betting favorite entering a event, and those are roughly always correct, exclusive a last-minute change. But that WWE would so smoke-stack a rug for a Big Three fight between Lesnar, Goldberg and Taker, usually to have a final dual be a hated Roman Reigns and Orton though many drama, that was surprising. At a finish of a day, however, a categorical event, many like a uncover that preceded it, achieved what it was ostensible to: it supposing a transparent roadmap towards WrestleMania.

Some of a lower-card matches filled out their particular paths in required fashion: Naomi pinned Alexa Bliss on a pre-show, so she’ll substantially plea for a SmackDown Live women’s pretension during Elimination Chamber. Charlotte kick Bayley clean, that is what she should do before WrestleMania; after all, her PPV win strain can usually finish on a biggest uncover of a year. Similarly, Nia Jax demolished Sasha Banks, and we are now headed, we believe, towards a deadly fourway compare between those 4 women, where a heels are built as unstoppable in their possess ways, while a faces have to figure out how to overcome a odds.

Kevin Owens defended his Universal pretension in a ruin of a No DQ compare over Roman Reigns after Braun Strowman interfered as atonement for Roman’s spears over a final few weeks. If we suspicion that was a WrestleMania compare being set adult for The Big Dog, well, a Rumble itself asserted otherwise. And, in a usually compare a throng didn’t caring about, Neville finished his King of a Cruiserweights storyline by whomping Rich Swann; now we can get a genuine babyface (Kalisto?) to rip adult a residence with a former Red Arrow during Mania.

The loyal prominence of a reduce label and, truly, of a year so distant in WWE, was John Cena severe for AJ Styles’s WWE Championship. After their stunner of a compare during final year’s SummerSlam, a in-ring expectations were by a roof, though these dual are not usually during a tip of their game, they are also installed with chemistry right now. We can’t contend adequate about how good Styles has been given fasten WWE, though he was as frail as ever on Sunday, including a hurricanrana annulment of Cena’s Five Moves of Doom that had me yelping. That being said, for a initial time in one of these showcase matches, it was Cena that was a undisputed star of a show. Not usually did he ramp adult a power and, frankly, terrifying bulk that he possesses, he also went behind to a John Cena United States Open Challenge good of new moves.

A improved Code Red than ever was usually about a third many considerable thing he did; his lariat reached rise levels of pain, and he threw down a improved Big Ending than Big E ever pulled off. It was a finish, however, that truly cemented this match’s destiny legacy: after Styles kicked out from a Super Attitude Adjustment, Cena not usually held him with one though did a hurl by to another, a second A.A., for a win. A wise finish to an present classic, and a ideal approach to get Cena his 16th title, restraining Ric Flair for many in WWE history. That he immediately went to applaud with a Make-A-Wish child in a assembly usually done Cena demeanour some-more like a real-life superhero; even a snarkiest of a Wrestling Twitter village had to uncover Big Match John love.

So, after all that, we got to a Rumble compare itself. Would Sami Zayn win from series 8 to face his aged opposition Kevin Owens? Would one of a hosses (Braun Strowman or Baron Corbin) warn a universe by holding a thing? Would Samoa Joe make a categorical register entrance for a ages? Unfortunately, notwithstanding carrying an indeterminate winner, there were few loyal surprises in a Rumble this year. The 8 tip entrants were all active register members, with no mythological earnings or indie debuts occurring. The biggest warn cocktail of a night was so telegraphed that it was painful, nonetheless a execution of Tye Dillinger entrance out during series 10 was during slightest a lot of fun. The usually genuine doubt via was possibly a betting favorite would win a Rumble for Team Blue, or possibly WWE would give a part-timer Raw luminary a win.

That being said, a compare did set adult a few Mania feuds that will eat adult TV time between now and Apr 2nd, so let’s run by them genuine quick. Cesaro and Sheamus, uninformed from losing their tab titles to The Club, had a exhilarated evidence after being doubly eliminated, and will roughly positively feud…again. Lesnar and Goldberg are on a collision march after Goldberg nonetheless again flustered a Beast; good fitness removing anyone to trust Brock won’t win in Orlando, WWE. Sami Zayn went right after Braun Strowman on entering, and it total that they will have a correct blow-off now that Strowman isn’t being given a loyal prominence spot.

The biggest warn in terms of Mania set-up was indeed Reigns, who went toe-to-toe with The Undertaker, including a post-elimination staredown. Who knows because WWE would do that with Reigns when they wish him cheered, though during slightest Undertaker isn’t removing stranded in a compare with Strowman, as was rumored. Overall, it was a practical Rumble compare that modernized plotlines and solidified characters (while giving Luke Harper a good face spin opposite his former mentor/cult leader, Bray Wyatt), though after a honestly glorious matches that came before it, one can usually be let down by Orton winning a whole thing. Once a high of Anyone But Roman winning wears off, we’re behind to a existence that usually a few group can indeed win a Rumble.

Orton’s win does open adult possibilities: while he could face Cena nonetheless again, contingency are on John losing a belt in a Elimination Chamber, presumably with Samoa Joe interfering to build towards their rumored matchup. Instead, a intelligent income would be on Bray Wyatt holding a tag into Mania, giving this long-simmering Wyatt Family/Randy Orton storyline a wise conclusion. Will that categorical event? Almost positively not. We’re looking during possibly Taker/Roman or Brock/Goldberg in a final slot, that is a beating given a probable miss of pretension implications and a lacking peculiarity of in-ring astuteness by all 4 group during this theatre in their careers (it’s uncanny to say, though Roman is now a best wrestler of a bunch, though he couldn’t be some-more hated right now by fans if he tried). We’ll certainly know some-more in a weeks to come, and it’s doubtful that WWE will wish a repeat of a much-maligned WrestleMania 32 this year. One thing is transparent as of now, though: they need to start putting in a work this week. The Road to WrestleMania 33 has strictly begun.

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