AJ Styles And 5 Stars Who Could Replace John Cena As The Face Of WWE In 2018

December 28, 2017 - WWE

John Cena is prepared to relinquish his pretension as a face of WWE, and yet, no other luminary has strictly taken it from him.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Since late 2015, “The Champ” has had several extensive absences from WWE programming, including a scarcely three-month deficiency in a tumble of 2016, another one after WrestleMania 33 and a two-month interregnum between No Mercy and Survivor Series progressing this year. Many of his absences have been directly associated to his film career, with his post-WrestleMania 33 mangle entrance so he could film The Pact and his post-No Mercy mangle a outcome of his filming report for Bumblebee, that is noticed as a biggest purpose of his budding behaving career.

Cena is now out of movement and doing copiousness of promotion for his latest flick Ferdinand, where he voices a movie’s categorical character, and though he did usually seem on a Christmas Day book of Monday Night Raw, his TV appearances are apropos increasingly sparse and have paved a approach for a new star to turn a face of WWE. Cena, of course, is still WWE’s No. 1 sell seller and a top draw when he is around, though it’s tough to cruise him a face of a association when he’s frequency on a personification margin these days.

While that is hapless for Cena fans, his visit hiatuses have resulted in a once in a lifetime eventuality for a handful of stars to reinstate him as a face of WWE and a company’s go-to man for media associated appearances, vast matches and vital feuds.

Here are 5 stars who could potentially reinstate Cena as a face of WWE in 2018.

Daniel Bryan

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Although Daniel Bryan has nonetheless to be privileged to lapse to a ring, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc) recently reported a rather enlivening refurbish on his future: “There has been speak of Bryan wrestling during SummerSlam 2018 and operative a singular report if he is cleared.”

Of course, that’s a vast “if,” though what is many clearer is that Bryan has acted one of a biggest threats to unseat Cena as a face of a association in new memory. During his arise to a tip of a label in 2013 and 2014, Bryan’s recognition was booming, so many so that a widespread faith is that a organic throng greeting to Bryan forced WWE’s palm and put him in a WrestleMania 30 categorical eventuality that was creatively rumored to be a singles compare between Batista and Randy Orton.

Bryan’s success was measurable, too. In early 2014, a Wrestling Observer (h/t WrestlingNews.Co) reported that he was WWE’s No. 2 sell seller in arenas (behind usually Cena) and a No. 3 seller on WWEShop.com (behind usually Cena and CM Punk), that demonstrates usually how renouned he became as a “Yes Movement” was holding over arenas opposite a world.

Much like Cena, Bryan was a illusory deputy for WWE as a good man who ideally filled his purpose as a friendly loser and was generating a loudest and many certain reactions since of it. Thus, we can usually suppose what it would be like for Bryan, who was betimes forced into retirement since of injuries, to lapse and now give WWE another tip star who a immeasurable infancy of fans love.

And given that Bryan is still usually 36 years old, there is a reason to trust that, in a doubtful eventuality he’s privileged to combat again, he could be a face of WWE in both a brief and prolonged terms.

AJ Styles

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

AJ Styles’ agreement expires in early 2019 (presumably in Jan if he sealed a three-year deal), though WWE would be ridiculous to let him go.

In 2017, Styles was one of WWE’s tip paid stars according to FORBES in vast partial since he now valid to be one of a company’s tip stars. Styles quickly became a extensive sell mover, and formed on Google Shopping hunt information (h/t Fightful), he was substantially WWE’s No. 3 sell inciter in 2016 (behind Cena and Roman Reigns) while his stream chain on WWEShop.com indicates that he is expected still No. 3 behind usually Cena and The Shield.

Styles also has proven to be a clever TV ratings draw as SmackDown’s viewership climbed for 4 true weeks after he won a WWE pretension final month, imprinting usually a second time that happened this year. Meanwhile, Style has demonstrated that he’s one of WWE’s biggest attractions on YouTube, that isn’t that startling since he consistently generates an overwhelmingly certain greeting from a throng during live events.

When Styles’ song hits, a fans go crazy, and who could censure them? Styles is arguably a world’s best altogether performer, and with a genuine likability that is unmatched by probably any stream full-timer, he could simply be a No. 1 man in WWE in a eventuality Cena left a company. Perhaps that’s because there have prolonged been rumors of Styles relocating to Raw, WWE’s flagship show, that is an apparent pointer that WWE has adequate faith in Styles to make him “the guy.”

It hasn’t happened as of yet, though with Styles consistently being one of a many over acts in WWE, it’s expected usually a matter of time.

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