Alberto Del Rio Proving That There Is Life After WWE

November 13, 2014 - WWE

WWE dismissed Alberto Del Rio, though it liberated him as well.

The former universe champion has strictly worked out a understanding with WWE that allows him to lapse to wrestling, a no-compete proviso now a memory. He’s now giveaway to use rings in Mexico, Japan or elsewhere as his vacant canvases, an artist reinvigorated.

While a paychecks will be lighter and a arenas will be smaller, Del Rio is already looking energized by post-WWE life.

After WWE released him in August, Del Rio became a desired giveaway agent, despite a limited one.  His agreement prevented him from wrestling for other companies. He did his best to work around that, appearing for Mexico’s AAA graduation during TripleMania XXII in an non-wrestling role.

As Latin Times author Michael Durarte reports, a decider after ruled in his favor, permitting him to contest in an eventuality in Cancun, Mexico, on Sept. 14, his initial compare given WWE cut him.

Del Rio (now famous as El Patron or El Patron Alberto) some-more recently announced that he and WWE had come to an agreement about him operative for other companies:

Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) (h/t Wrestling Inc), a allotment will concede him to work for Lucha Underground in 2015. The news also records that he helped sell out a new eventuality in Laredo, Mexico.

That’s no surprise. Del Rio was a tip star in Mexico before he ever stepped into a WWE ring. His family is mythological in a universe of Lucha Libre, both his uncle Mil Mascaras and his father, Dos Caras, are domicile names in Mexico. Del Rio hold onto a CMLL universe title (as Dos Caras Jr.) from Jul 2007 to Dec. 2008.

He now wrestles in his homeland again, a place where his bequest is well-established. 

Even with all his successes in WWE, he never utterly got his due. Fans dubbed him “boring” and never connected with him, generally not a approach he has connected with Mexican fans. Del Rio was mostly noticed as removing too most too soon, many WWE fans unknowingly of a Mexico apportionment of his resume.

WWE pushed him anyway. For a while, during least.

After poignant time with his name on a marquee, his batch in WWE fell recently. Toward a finish of his run, he began to slip down a card.

At WrestleMania 30, WWE congested him into a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal, radically a place where a leftovers from a rosters went to play. WWE didn’t offer him a mark on a Battleground, Payback or Extreme Rules cards. He had no premier feuds, no genuine momentum. 

In AAA, his position is miles detached from that.

From a beginning, that association has treated Del Rio like a vital star. He headlined a Heroes Inmortales VIII event, battling in a tab compare conflicting Perro Aguayo Jr.

He now not usually gets to work in his home nation for a association that values him, though Del Rio is no longer firm by WWE‘s punishing schedule. 

To work for WWE is to go on an constant odyssey. It’s a tour Del Rio was overpowering of.

In an talk with Wrestletalk TV (NSFW note: Video contains brief profanity), he said of WWE, “They tell we what to say. They tell we what to do. They tell we how to wrestle. It was usually not fun anymore.” 

Del Rio has distant some-more control of when and where he works now. He can conduct to Japan as he did, going on second to final during W-1 WRESTLE-1’s Keiji Muto 30th Anniversary show.

He’s also giveaway to be a partial of Lucha Underground, a earnest new uncover that already boasts John Morrison, Ricochet and Chavo Guerrero on a roster. In that aforementioned Wrestletalk TV interview, Del Rio talked about blank a fun component of wrestling. He will positively find it during Lucha Underground.

That innovative, rapid-fire take on wrestling is injecting fun behind into a art form.

Del Rio is giveaway to find that out, to be a categorical eventer for AAA and cherry-pick a dates he works. WWE is by distant a biggest theatre on that a wrestler can work, though by no means is it a usually one. 

He told Wrestletalk TV, “I had a large name before WWE and we have a bigger name right now after WWE. … I don’t need them.”

If anything, WWE needs Del Rio. With a register thinned by injuries, CM Punk’s sudden retirement and Brock Lesnar’s part-time status, a association could positively use a learned in-ring technician with Del Rio’s renown.

He’ll be bustling clamping on a cranky armbreaker to all a perros Mexico throws during him. 

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