Alberto Del Rio Quits, Triple H Is Back and Top WWE News for Week of Sep 3

September 3, 2016 - WWE

As always, it’s been a bustling week for a group and women of WWE. Let’s take a demeanour during some of a bigger stories from a final 7 days.

Mr. Fuji Passes Away

The wrestling universe mislaid another fable this week when Mr. Fuji, genuine name Harry Fujiwara, upheld divided on Aug 28 during a age of 82, according to

Fuji was an achieved wrestler, though many WWE fans will remember him as a salt-throwing manager of WWE Superstars like Yokozuna.

He also became famous as one of a funnier characters in WWE, interjection to several video segments filmed with Don Muraco.

They don’t make talents like Mr. Fuji anymore. He will be sorely missed.

WWE Announced NXT TakeOver Event For Survivor Series Weekend announced a subsequent TakeOver eventuality will take place on Nov 19 in Toronto, Canada. This will be a initial time NXT has hold a large uncover north of a border, and we all know how rough Canadian wrestling fans can be.

No matches have been announced yet, though there is a good possibility we will see Samoa Joe accept his rematch for a NXT Championship opposite Shinsuke Nakamura.

NXT is stability to expand, and holding some-more general events will usually continue to enlarge a interest for WWE fans.

WWE spotless out many of a tip names during a code split, though there is still a engorgement of talent in a developmental complement who can take a uncover from a categorical roster.

Triple H Returns, Helps Kevin Owens Win Universal Championship

Monday’s Raw featured one of a many indeterminate endings to a categorical eventuality we have seen in utterly some time.

During a Fatal 4-Way compare for a Universal Championship, Triple H returned and cost both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins a possibility to be champion by delivering dual Pedigrees.

Owens’ convincing demeanour of warn led many to trust even he didn’t know how a compare would end, though it’s distant some-more expected he is a good actor than Triple H honestly gripping him in a dark.

This is a outrageous storyline growth for Owens, Rollins and The Game. With Owens and Triple H in an alliance, we could see Rollins pierce behind toward being a babyface so he can argument with his former mentor.

Whatever happens, it’s good to see WWE stability to build new talents by giving them a possibility with a vital championship.

New Day Wants to Host Saturday Night Live

WWE Superstars have hosted Saturday Night Live before, and a few Superstars famous for their comedic personalities have thrown their hats in a ring for a pursuit as destiny host.

Xavier Woods took to Twitter to advise The New Day should horde SNL, and as shortly as he posted a message, Seth Rollins jumped on board:

Out of all a people on a roster, The New Day would make a best probable hosts. They have been doing skits for WWE for utterly some time, and their chemistry would lift over to a late-night comedy show.

Fans have been retweeting a summary to uncover their support, so hopefully NBC sees it and considers bringing a energy of positivity to a SNL stage.

Alberto Del Rio Done With WWE

According to Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc, Alberto Del Rio has exercised an out proviso in his agreement that allows him to leave WWE before his understanding is ostensible to finish in October.

This comes as small warn after a former universe champion was dangling for a Wellness Policy defilement final month alongside his girlfriend, Paige.

Mexico’s Greatest Export never reached a heights he did during his initial run notwithstanding a noted lapse to a association when he degraded John Cena for a United States Championship during SummerSlam 2015.

Del Rio is famous around a universe as one of a best technicians in a sport, so he will have no difficulty anticipating work. He might even finish adult behind with Lucha Underground if a association is means to offer him adequate income to return.

CM Punk Finally Making UFC Debut

After dual years of training and recuperating from injuries, we have finally reached a week of CM Punk’s UFC debut.

Punk will conflict Mickey Gall during UFC 203 on Sep 10 in Cleveland, Ohio, in a quarrel where he is deliberate a loser by everybody who follows MMA.

Punk is many comparison and reduction gifted than Gall, though that doesn’t automatically meant he is going to lose. Anyone who has ever competed in a martial humanities competition will tell we a propitious punch or a singular mistake can change a instruction of a quarrel in a blink of an eye.

Many fans would adore to see Punk lift off an dissapoint and win, though many are only anticipating he is means to go a stretch and equivocate being knocked out or submitted.

Whatever happens, we can gamble a lot of people will be tuning in to see him possibly tumble prosaic on his face or startle a universe with a victory.

What do we think? Does CM Punk have any possibility of walking out of a Octagon with a win?

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