Alberto Del Rio Would Be Better Off Not Rejoining WWE

October 14, 2015 - WWE

Alberto Del Rio need not be a breathing dog by a door, watchful for WWE to let him behind in.

His stream wrestling life is one of leisure and fulfillment. His physique is pang less. He sees his family more.

So while Del Rio (now wrestling as Alberto El Patron) would positively supplement some zeroes to his paychecks by returning to WWE, there are plenty reasons to sojourn where he is.

A year after removing a pinkish slip, Del Rio might be invited behind to WWE. He is reportedly popping adult in behind-the-scenes discussions during a company. PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported, “Alberto Del Rio’s name has come adult in review for artistic ideas over a final several weeks.”

At initial glance, streamer behind to WWE‘s brighter theatre and bigger paydays would seem like a no-brainer choice, yet Del Rio’s preference involves some-more factors than that. The many apparent disproportion between his career now and as a member of WWE would be his workload.


The Backbreaking Schedule 

Since teaming with Rey Mysterio opposite The Young Bucks on Aug. 1 during Dutchess Stadium in Wappingers Falls, New York, Del Rio has wrestled usually 8 matches. Were he with WWE, he would simply strike that sum in a matter of weeks. 

WWE attaches a saddle to a wrestlers and rides them. Del Rio knows that firsthand. With usually two-and-a-half months left to go in 2015, his compare sum is usually adult to 49 right now, according to

Compare that to what he did during his WWE tenure:

  • 2010 (139 matches)
  • 2011 (199 matches)
  • 2012 (146 matches)
  • 2013 (191 matches)

He can make a vital doing a third or reduction of what he did for WWE. That will diminution a possibility for injury, relieve a wear and rip on his physique and eventually extend his career.

Plus, it means that rather than roving from state to state any week, he would have time for his family.

Del Rio told Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc, “At a moment, I’m operative everywhere they wish to see me, and we have a eventuality to spend time with my family. we get to suffer my kids, I’m during home four-to-five days a week, we do one-to-two shows per week. I’m happy.”

The value of being means to do that is unfit to calculate. 

Even if WWE offers him a part-time deal, he won’t have a leisure that he enjoys today. Del Rio can now work for a variety of promotions opposite a variety of opponents during a gait he chooses.

He can pierce from Ring of Honor to Mexico, from Northeast Wrestling to a United Kingdom. And his stream standing authorised him to take Combate Americas adult on a offer for him to announce MMA fights.

Del Rio would onslaught to do that as a WWE Superstar. Signing with Vince McMahon would extent his options.


A Shift in Position on a Food Chain 

At Mexico’s Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion (AAA), Del Rio is a stream “mega champion.” For a bulk of 2015, he hold a World Wrestling League’s World Heavyweight Championship.

At any eccentric eventuality he goes to, he’s a featured performer. At Ring of Honor, he’s been a marquee attraction.

At WWE, who knows where a association will hang him.

Before he left, he had no storyline to pronounce of. He had no transparent rival. He was a man WWE tossed out for filler matches. He’d remove to Jack Swagger one night and take down Dolph Ziggler on another.

He wasn’t a priority, and that’s doubtful to change should he return. WWE is heavily invested in a horde of other guys from Brock Lesnar to Roman Reigns. Del Rio would be positive a mark on a label aloft than someone like Heath Slater, yet would he be anything some-more than a midcard act to yield register depth?

Consider also that many WWE fans never took to him. 

Critiques that he is boring, uncharismatic and a bad mic workman were common. In Mexico, though, he’s a vital star who receives resounding welcomes.

There’s a good possibility he’ll go from champion to chump if he goes behind to WWE. And while there is certainly some-more income watchful for him during a sports party giant, he is not selecting between misery and wealth.

In an talk on The Roman Show, Del Rio said, “Luckily, we do flattering good in wrestling. I am one of a many paid pro wrestlers out there.”

His stream vagabond wrestling career also keeps him giveaway to select usually a matches and stories that seductiveness him. Were he sealed in a WWE contract, he would have to take whatever a essay group spoons into his mouth.


Unappealing Stories Await

If Del Rio has been examination Raw lately, he has to be wavering about entrance back. WWE Creative is floundering right now.

Kane usually spent most of Monday’s Raw yelling into a telephone. Rusev spent most of a summer being a lovesick insane and a witness to catfights. WWE had Stardust and The Ascension form The Cosmic Wasteland, usually to dump it but notice.

Adam Rose has been reduced to a impression built around regulating a word “poop.”

There is no pledge that a WWE writers have anything good for him. It has struggled to implement a prolonged list of talents including Cesaro, Damien Sandow and universe champ Seth Rollins.

Del Rio, duration can be distant some-more creatively over operative with Lucha Underground.

The AAA appendage is a peak of a middle in terms of artistry. The uncover has experimented with blending Mexican folklore with normal wrestling engagement and a cinematic look with a gritty, groundbreaking approach. 

Being a partial of that has to be fun. 

Del Rio will find it tough to leave that kind of value for uncertainty. And should he get wearied during any one place, he can simply collect adult and conduct elsewhere. There is no removing bogged down in an brash angle; Del Rio is a design of freedom.

Trading all that for a fatter check wouldn’t be a best career pierce by any stretch. Should WWE call, Del Rio would be correct to tell a association that life is good as it is.

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