Alistair Overeem on rematch with Brock Lesnar: ‘Maybe one day in WWE’

February 27, 2016 - WWE

Alistair Overeem done utterly a dash when he done his UFC entrance in 2011 with a first-round TKO feat over Brock Lesnar in what was eventually a former heavyweight champion’s final quarrel inside a Octagon.

Despite Lesnar staying late from MMA for a past 4 years while returning to WWE and his veteran wrestling roots, his name still comes adult from time to time in a quarrel community. Most particularly on Friday during a QA in London when Overeem was asked about giving Lesnar a rematch during some indicate down a road.

“The Brock Lesnar fight?” Overeem pronounced with a grin on his face. “Maybe one day in WWE — when we retire from genuine fighting.”

It wasn’t transparent if Overeem was only creation a fun or indeed holding a puncture during Lesnar.

Since Lesnar left for WWE, Overeem has faced a few ups and downs though now stands on a hill of a intensity pretension shot during some indicate in 2016. 

He only recently sealed a new multi-fight agreement with a UFC and requisitioned a quarrel in his local Netherlands where he faces Andrei Arlovski in a categorical eventuality on May 8.

As for Lesnar, he might no longer be fighting in a UFC, though he’s not doing too bad in his selected career with a WWE.

He’s now one of a top paid stars in a classification while also scheming to perform during WrestleMania 32 in Dallas in front of what might eventually infer to be a biggest assembly to ever watch a WWE event.

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