Analyzing Randy Orton’s Place in Roman Reigns’ WWE

February 6, 2015 - WWE

Randy Orton is a 12-time WWE and World champion. He has been a featured performer in Vince McMahon’s association for scarcely 13 years and in all that time, he has been a go-to man in many opposite instances.

But as he prepares to eventually lapse from injury, a fact is that The Apex Predator is entrance behind to a many opposite atmosphere than a one he left. WWE no longer belongs usually to John Cena; Roman Reigns seems to be on his approach as potentially a subsequent tip guy. So a doubt is where does Orton fit into Reigns’ WWE?

Of all a Superstars that have shined in new years, Orton is a one that many fans have deliberate to be maybe a many dependable. That eminence typically lies with Cena, as WWE‘s tip star is invariable and invariable as a character. But for many fans, it’s Orton that has remained a many committed in terms of ring work and power as a character.

No matter what side he was on or who he was facing, Orton could always be counted on to deliver.

And for many of his reign in WWE, Orton has fundamentally played second fiddle to Cena. This has not been a disastrous for him of course, as he has flourished and has turn one of best hands that WWE has seen in utterly some time.  


To consistently work a categorical eventuality stage in WWE requires an impassioned volume of loyalty and concentration on a craft. Not each Superstar has what it takes to step into that sourroundings and strike a home run, as there contingency be a championship size opinion to go along with a opening itself.

There can be no jealous that Orton has excelled in that area. He has not been in Cena‘s shade as many as he has been resplendent in his possess light.  

But Cena‘s shade is expected not a primary regard for Orton as he works to get behind to form in WWE. The law is that Reigns has climbed a ladder in a really brief volume of time and now a former Shield strongman could really good be on his approach to apropos a subsequent WWE universe heavyweight champion during WrestleMania 31.

This is apparently a good thing in many ways for WWE.

Despite what criticisms have been intended during Reigns over a past year, there can be no denying that new faces are indispensable on WWE‘s tip tier. Cena can usually do so many on his possess and deliberation that he is no longer surrounded by high-profile Superstars, it’s transparent that a association needs to start relocating ahead.


CM Punk is prolonged gone, Chris Jericho is on a part-time basement and even legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are down to occasionally appearances. And no matter how tough Cena works to assistance keep WWE entertaining, he simply can't be a one-man rope any longer.

That is because WWE has been posterior a younger talent, guys that have never been to that tip turn though who are honourable of a shot. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt are usually 3 examples of this and there are many some-more in line behind them. Indeed, WWE‘s developmental domain NXT is abundant with new faces that are concerned to make it to a company’s categorical roster.

WWE is scheming for a destiny and Reigns is really partial of that future.

But while a destiny is now, there can be no ignoring a stars that are still there and still some-more than means of creation an impact. Orton is one of those stars and now WWE contingency find a approach to confederate him into a new day that it is embarking upon.

Orton is a maestro of march and as such, he has a resources of trust during his disposal. He can be an useful item to WWE behind a scenes as he could be there to assistance beam a subsequent epoch along both mentally and physically.

Orton has seen his share of wars in a ring and his knowledge would really assistance yield a approach for other guys to strech a tip as well.

There could be maybe no improved approach to do that than by regulating Orton to rouse a younger Superstar. Rollins is one name that comes up, as he and Orton have a story together and deliberation Rollins is Mister Money in a Bank, it’s transparent that WWE expected has some large skeleton for him in a nearby future.

Why not supplement a successful adversary opposite Orton as a means to creation that destiny turn a reality?

But no matter how many opposite roles Orton could fill behind a scenes or as a maestro personality in a ring, a fact is that WWE might not be finished with him in terms of a categorical eventuality scene. Orton has always confirmed a good physique and has been one of a many plain performers in a ring. He has a fan following and he has showed no signs of negligence down in new years.

Truth be told, Orton is still an item in a squared circle. He still has a participation and he still has a ability to pull feverishness as a heel. And as a babyface, Orton could positively get a throng behind him a impulse he sets feet behind in a WWE ring. There is no reason to trust that The Viper could not collect adult where he left off when he does indeed come behind to active competition.

But during a finish of a day, it does seem that WWE will be undergoing a change of care in a ring.

The company’s Ruthless Aggression epoch of Brock Lesnar went to John Cena‘s PG Era and that epoch will substantially be hereditary by Reigns, who will certainly do his best to lift a bucket for WWE. And while that intensity flitting of a flame might not occur right away, it does seem that things are relocating in that direction.

And if that is a case, afterwards Orton could be used as a tip heel to try and stop that from happening. After all, Orton’s impression would expected not be means to lay by and watch as someone other than himself takes a desired tip spot.

Orton might feel he’s being ignored and if that happens, Reigns could find himself with a whole new universe of problems.  

However there can be no mistake about it; if WWE commits to Reigns as a verbatim destiny of a company, afterwards no one will be featured above him when that transition takes place. So, Orton is returning to a WWE that is in a early routine of relocating forward and a usually emanate now is that purpose will he be given when he does come back?

The fact is that Orton has a story of resplendent when he’s needed. And with any luck, he will do accurately that as Reigns continues his tour to a top row of WWE.

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