Backstage News on John Cena Taking Time Off WWE, Who Might Be Pushed in His …

October 6, 2015 - WWE

Backstage News on John Cena Taking Time Off WWE

As noted, John Cena will be holding time off WWE following Hell in a Cell this month, and he is off all TV and live events by December. Cena requested a time off behind in a summer for personal reasons and it was granted.

Cena is not holding time off due to injury, and he is also not holding time off to marry Nikki Bella as Nikki is still being scheduled for WWE events.

The destiny of The US Title should be done clearer on Raw tonight, and according to, Dean Ambrose will be featured some-more prominently on WWE live eventuality cards while Cena is gone. Wrestling Observer Radio is also stating that WWE competence be forced to pull Ambrose to a categorical eventuality design in WWE with Cena holding time off.

Cena is scheduled to lapse to WWE TV and live events in late December.

Behind-the-Scenes WWE MSG Video

Paul Heyman’s “Heyman Hustle” channel posted a behind-the-scenes video from a WWE Network Madison Square Garden special with Brock Lesnar and others, and we can perspective it at this link.

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