Best Booking Options for Brock Lesnar Leading Up to WWE 2016 Royal Rumble

December 23, 2015 - WWE

It was usually a matter of time before Brock Lesnar, The Beast Incarnate, done his return.

Lesnar surprisingly returned to WWE during a non-televised eventuality on Saturday during The Great Western Forum, where he took on Alberto Del Rio for a United States title. Lesnar won by suspension interjection to Rusev saving Del Rio. It wasn’t enough, as Lesnar gave mixed German suplexes and an F-5 to any member of a League of Nations.

Lesnar’s intolerable lapse meant one thing: The Beast is scheming for a reappearance. He couldn’t have picked a improved time. After all, it’s Royal Rumble season.

The Royal Rumble starts a highway to WrestleMania. This past WrestleMania saw Lesnar urge his WWE pretension opposite Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins intervened and used his Money in a Bank briefcase to insert himself in a compare and afterwards pinned Reigns to spin a new champion. Rollins degraded Lesnar yet pinning a fortifying champion.

That contingency bake Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman. To make matters worse, Lesnar’s final shot during Battleground opposite Rollins was interrupted by The Undertaker.

After going to fight with The Undertaker, Lesnar rested, watchful for his time to arise once more. That impulse has arrived.

The doubt contingency be asked. Where does Lesnar go from here? More importantly, how does he fit into a WWE Royal Rumble picture?

It appears Lesnar will strive opposite a League of Nations for a time being. That’s a good setup; Del Rio, Rusev, King Barrett and Sheamus are all tough competitors who can take as most punishment as they can plate out.

However, let’s plead how Lesnar gets there on TV. WWE Creative has employed his dates effectively, creation him a force of inlet instead of usually another WWE Superstar. Consider him WWE’s Godzilla—The Beast Incarnate roaming a ring that he knows is his.

Lesnar wants that satisfactory shot during a WWE title. He competence not get that, deliberation a misunderstanding that champion Reigns is experiencing with The Authority.

Lesnar’s best gamble is to enter a Royal Rumble on Jan 24. He final entered a compare in 2003, where he separated The Undertaker to win. That Lesnar was nowhere nearby as lethal and absolute as a Lesnar of today.

Picture him manhandling WWE Superstars like broom dolls. Frankly, that’s value a cost of admission.

It creates clarity afterwards for Lesnar to argument with a League of Nations if WWE Creative uses his dates frequently in 2016. Granted, Heyman wouldn’t have a plea on a microphone. But he can rouse a fast into larger heights by hyping it up.

This would make a fight all a some-more important. Can we suppose Lesnar holding on 3 of a toughest guys in WWE all by himself? His fable and prestigious standing would usually allege further.

However, a best choice is to spin Lesnar into The Beast. Make him seem like a boogeyman by gripping his appearances scarce. He shouldn’t uncover adult on each Raw part heading adult to a Royal Rumble. Sporadic sightings make Lesnar some-more of an captivate than carrying him display adult each night. He does need to make his participation felt on some-more than usually one show, though.

The best gamble is for Lesnar to seem as a force of nature. He should do what he does best: destroy all in his path, leave abruptly and afterwards lapse when we slightest design it. Building adult Lesnar as a force for a Royal Rumble creates it event-worthy. Whether he wins or not doesn’t matter in this context.

If Lesnar is built adult a right way, afterwards a Royal Rumble usually got a lot some-more interesting.

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