Best Booking Options for Sting during WWE SummerSlam 2015

August 20, 2015 - WWE

Despite contradicting dirtsheet reports about either wrestling fable Sting would be during a 2015 book of WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, many wrestling fans determine he should during slightest make an appearance.

On one hand, a Sting coming during SummerSlam could lay a grounds for an contingent WrestleMania dream compare opposite The Undertaker. On a other hand, Sting could arrive and even a contingency for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose when The Wyatt Family brings out a third member.

Here are a best engagement options for Sting during SummerSlam 2015.


Interferes to Thwart Undertaker and Kane

The best use of Sting during SummerSlam would be to set adult a compare opposite The Undertaker during WrestleMania 32, and a SummerSlam categorical eventuality compare between Brock Lesnar and The Deadman could get convoluted.

Undertaker has strike Lesnar with low blows on dual apart occasions, indicating he knows he can’t kick The Beast in a straight-up, one-on-one matchup. With his brother, Kane, also pang an damage during a hands of Lesnar, a WWE Universe should be awaiting a reunion of a Brothers of Destruction.

As Kane and Undertaker reunite and start violence down Lesnar, that’s when a locus should go black and Sting should make his appearance.

As a vigilante, Sting will be there to stop Undertaker from intrigue once again. While Lesnar doesn’t typically need assistance from anyone, a Brothers of Destruction are one of a many dangerous teams in wrestling history, generally with Kane wearing his mask.

Not usually would Sting assisting Lesnar even a odds, yet it would also assistance give this compare a non-finish it needs—neither Lesnar nor Undertaker should be holding a purify loss—and set adult a compare many wrestling fans want: Undertaker vs. Sting during WrestleMania.


Returns to Help Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Another engaging judgment for a Sting lapse would come in a form of division in a SummerSlam tab group conflict between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose opposite Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

There are now usually dual members of The Wyatt Family, yet there is always a possibility that Bray has something adult his sleeve for Ambrose and Reigns. If there was ever a time to move in a Superstar as a third male in a stable, a tough matchup opposite two-thirds of The Shield would be an ideal mark for a swerve.

With a 3 group removing a advantage over Ambrose and Reigns, a lights could dump out. Once they spin on again, a whole Wyatt Family is face to face with a vigilante Sting and his signature black ball bat.

Sting’s coming would save Ambrose and Reigns from a critical violence and could also assistance a WWE as a association relocating forward. After SummerSlam, Undertaker and Lesnar are roughly positively going to be taken off radio once again, and WWE needs a vital pull streamer into a fall.

Aligning Sting with Ambrose and Reigns to mount opposite The Wyatt Family would make for an implausible moment. There would be no purify finish during SummerSlam, though, so engagement a six-man tab group compare for Night of Champions in Sep would be perfect.


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