Best Possible Outcomes for Seth Rollins during WWE Night of Champions 2015

September 14, 2015 - WWE

When Seth Rollins takes a theatre twice on Sunday, Sept. 20 during a 2015 book of WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view, he will have a weight of a association on his shoulders.

Not usually will Rollins be fortifying a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposite Sting in a categorical event, though he will also be fortifying a United States Championship opposite John Cena in what should be one of a initial matches of a nightif not a curtain-jerker.

Here are a best probable outcomes for Rollins during a 2015 book of Night of Champions.


Rollins Retains Both Championships

Rollins has been requisitioned feeble given winning a universe pretension from Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania, though one proceed to recover all of a credit mislaid would be to acquire purify pinfall victories over dual legends like Sting and Cena.

It’s tough to suppose WWE engagement Rollins this good in one night, though these dual wins could countenance his reign. Sting is one of a biggest entertainers in wrestling story and Cena is a many renouned wrestler of a final decade. Beating them both in one night would be monumental.

Think Chris Jericho when he degraded Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in one night.

Beating Cena and maintaining a U.S. pretension in what will expected be a opening compare of a night would be outrageous for Rollins’ momentum. With a story of good matches between a dual stars, this could be one of a best PPV openers if it does indeed go on first.

On a other hand, Rollins will be stepping into a ring with a face of WCW and TNA for a final 25 years, Sting. Even during 56 years old, Sting has an definite aura around him and many fans are honestly vehement for a categorical event.

Watching Rollins kick both Sting and Cena would be unforgettable.


Rollins Retains a U.S. Title, Drops a World Title

The outcome that could finish adult benefiting Rollins a many in a prolonged run would be dropping a universe pretension and maintaining a U.S. title.

While it might be a slightest expected scenario, it would assistance map a highway to WrestleMania for Rollins.

After violence Cena in a opening compare of a PPV—hopefully cleanly—Rollins could dump a pretension to Sting, that would lead to Triple H subsidy Sheamus after he cashes in a Money in a Bank briefcase to win a pretension from The Icon.

Not usually would this set adult a tragedy between Rollins and Triple H that would eventually cap in a compare during WrestleMania, though it would also set adult a face spin for a United States champion. Rollins could concrete a face spin by carrying on a open hurdles for a U.S. title.

The power as United States champion would keep Rollins bustling as he waits for WrestleMania to approach, though eventually Triple H could cost him a pretension and set adult a grounds for their head-to-head battle.


Rollins Drops Both Belts

While during initial it sounds like dropping both championships would be a worst-case unfolding for Rollins, he has been requisitioned so feeble given winning a universe pretension that relocating divided from it could indeed advantage him in a prolonged run.

Losing both belts in one night would go down as one of a misfortune nights for any wrestler in a ring, though it would build legitimate magnetism from a WWE Universe.

With Triple H expected removing concerned during some indicate to spin on Rollins, a theatre would be set for an epic face spin following back-to-back losses.

Add in a fact that only stepping into a ring with Cena and Sting is a outrageous massage for a Superstar like Rollins, and holding a waste might not be so bad. As prolonged as it eventually furthers a conflict between The Authority and a former hand-chosen champion, permitting Rollins to lift double avocation would be adequate to infer he is a destiny of a brand.


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