Best Potential Feuds for Samoa Joe If Star Signs with WWE

March 8, 2015 - WWE

Countless Samoan wrestlers have done names for themselves over a years, and many of them have come from a Anoa’i family.

Joe is not one of them. He competence be Samoan, though that is where a similarities end. He is his possess male who is creation his possess bequest in a business, and that is because Roman Reigns is a ideal competition for him.

Reigns is a obvious member of a Anoa’i family, with his attribute to The Rock being touted on radio to assistance give him a leg up. He is partial of wrestling royalty.

There is a healthy storyline that could be set in suit between Joe and Reigns that would be easy nonetheless logical. All it would take is Reigns delivering one promo about how critical his family is to a people of Samoa and a wrestling business.

Joe comes out, observant he is ill of Reigns’ family behaving like they are a usually Samoans who can wrestle, and a rest writes itself. It’s simple, though it creates sense. Joe could play a sceptical angle, or he could simply be perplexing to infer that other Samoans are out there who can chuck down with a best of them.

These 5 group would all make good opponents for Samoa Joe for a series of reasons, though a register is filled with gifted people who could also put on a good uncover with The Samoan Submission Machine. Who would we like to see go one-on-one with a former TNA champion?


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