Big Data and Wrestling? WWE Uses Data to Guide Success

February 24, 2017 - WWE

OK, so a WWE might not be real wrestling (the classification doesn’t even use that tenure to report a “performers” or a “sports entertainment” it produces) though it is vast business. And that business is changeable interjection in vast partial to vast data.

For many years, a WWE’s top income tide was offered pay-per-view (PPV) events on cable. But in 2013, a association took a outrageous risk and motionless to take a possess network digital, formulating an Over The Top height that cut out a wire middleman.

The preference to emanate and offer OTT programming drew a lot of critique from people suggesting that it would harm a WWE’s income from PPV events on cable, that typically cost $45–$50 each.

But a WWE saw mixed advantages from charity their OOT subscription use to viewers for $9.99 a month, and one of a biggest was a data. “We can now lane when they are watching, what device they are using, how prolonged they are watching,” Michael Wilson, WWE’s arch income officer, said during a during a NeuLion Sports Media Technology Conference.

Before, they could usually rest on Nielsen ratings, that usually gave them a high-level view. Controlling a calm on an OOT height provides entrance to a inundate of new information about consumer observation habits and preferences.

A year into a experiment, a WWE reported some-more than a million active subscribers. Those subscribers constructed copiousness of data, that showed some engaging trends. For example, 90 percent of subscribers watch WWE programming during slightest once a week. Two-thirds of a platform’s trade is for video-on-demand programming (VOD) instead of examination PPV events live.  And 36 percent of users entrance a calm around mobile.

“That was an aha impulse for us,” Wilson told Variety. “A lot of a fans aren’t going to watch a three-hour pay-per-view if they’re examination on their phones in between their breaks during work. Short form calm will play a incomparable role. we don’t consider we would have famous that going into this.”

WWE wrestling stars Sasha Bank (L) and Charlotte Flair quarrel during a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) eventuality (Photo: CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

This information has enabled a association to build teams and strategies around providing a calm consumers want. The association has incited a concentration to formulating shorter, some-more “snackable” calm for a OOT platform, some-more than doubling a hours of VOD programming accessible in a initial year alone.

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