Bill Simmons Cribbing An Old WWE Catchphrase Was The Last Straw For ESPN

May 9, 2015 - WWE

Bill Simmons Cribbing An Old WWE Catchphrase Was The Last Straw For ESPN

One tiny quote from Mankind, one hulk mattock from ESPN.

It looks like Bill Simmons’ 14-year run during ESPN was eventually dismantled by, of all things, his filching a word from a pro wrestling realm.

Today’s proclamation from Bristol that Simmons was some-more or reduction dismissed followed a Thursday coming on The Dan Patrick Show. Simmons, brought on to plead a New England Patriots’ ball-deflation scandal, used his airtime to cut a promo blustering NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. (As we might recall, final tumble he was suspended 3 weeks for profanely and accurately criticizing Goodell, whose joining has billions in contracts with ESPN, on his podcast.) A representation of a bombastic chair shot:

I consider it’s pathetic. Roger Goodell has rubbed so many things so feeble that it’s reached a indicate now where we have something like this, where it’s taken 4 months to recover a report, and he knew all that was in it. He knows a formula before a news is expelled to a public, and nonetheless doesn’t have a testicular restraint to do anything about it until he gauges a open reaction.

New York Post title writers were among a folks who noticed Simmons’ use of “testicular fortitude” as a climactic impulse of his Goodell diatribe. James Miller, co-author of a ESPN verbal story Those Guys Have All a Fun and expected a inaugural eccentric management on a network, concurs. The approach Miller sees things, ESPN trainer John Skipper was looking for a reason to disjoin ties with Simmons, and that disobedient pieces reference gave him only what he was looking for. Miller voiced his views in an afternoon tweet:

Tonight, Miller told me that he total ESPN and Simmons were headed for a subdivision anyway, though that this unequivocally was what did it.

“If he hadn’t left on Dan Patrick and hadn’t pronounced [‘testicular fortitude’] we wouldn’t have today’s announcement,” Miller said. “It was only too most kerosene on a fire.”

Bill Simmons Cribbing An Old WWE Catchphrase Was The Last Straw For ESPN

Simmons is a self-proclaimed lifetime fan of pro wrestling, a ringside tie at WWE pay-per-views who guest-hosted Raw in Mar to assistance hype a then-upcoming Wrestlemania 31. His fandom is also done apparent in his ongoing use of “testicular fortitude,” a word that comes true from a squared circle. The potty-mouthed play on “intestinal fortitude” was popularized in a late ’90s by Mankind, a nom de rasslin’ of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. (It’s so compared with him that in a Pokemon-like label game WWE Raw Deal, there’s a “Testicular Fortitude” movement label that allows a actor to unleash repairs on an adversary. According to a game’s excellent print, a impact “cannot be reversed” when played by Mankind.)

Simmons has been a outrageous upholder of Foley’s catchphrase for years. In a 2005 column, he told Oakland Raiders fans to get over their groan about a “tuck rule” game, claiming their manager “lacked a testicular restraint to go for it on fourth down.” In 2007, he correctly predicted that Greg Oden would be picked forward of Kevin Durant since of executives lacking “the testicular restraint to pass adult a intensity luminary center,” praised Marcus Camby and Rasheed Wallace for their “testicular restraint and surprisingly appealing contracts,” and blamed a lifeless trade deadline on, well, we substantially know (“… nobody had a testicular restraint to pitch a vital deal”).

And, as it looks now, Simmons’ final use of a word that pays as an ESPN worker came as he once again went after Goodell. The approach his trainer saw things, apparently, once Simmons played a testicular restraint card, a repairs could not be reversed.

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