Bold predictions for a WWE SummerSlam card

July 10, 2017 - WWE

After a events of Great Balls of Fire, and with only one (SmackDown) pay-per-view to go in a interim, it’s healthy for everyone’s courtesy to spin toward SummerSlam.

No championships altered hands during Great Balls of Fire, and a villains, by and large, won opposite a board. Roman Reigns corroborated an ambulance with Braun Strowman in it into a trailer, and Finn Balor didn’t even feature.

The staff members of WWE on ESPN any has their possess thoughts about how they consider SummerSlam competence play out, and in that spirit, any has left out on a prong with a confidant prophecy for a card.

Matt Wilansky: Chad Gable will win a United States championship

AJ Styles only won this belt in a residence show, though a existence of relegating him to top mid-card standing doesn’t feel like a long-term play, and we don’t see Gable holding on Styles during SummerSlam. So maybe Kevin Owens takes a pretension behind from Styles in a subsequent integrate of weeks, environment adult a argument between a “New face of America” and a loyal red, white and blue performer. For whatever reason, Gable has seen some singles foe lately, and he’s good. Really good. Like Shawn Michaels, it feels like going solo is going to launch Gable’s career to a subsequent turn for years to come.

Omar Powell: Demon King Finn Balor def. Brock Lesnar for Universal Title, and a Bullet/Balor Club strictly forms

Paul Heyman cuts a promo saying no male nor entity can kick Brock Lesnar, that prompts Demon Balor.

Demon Balor appears before Heyman and Lesnar to make his bid for a Universal Title. In a bout, Balor gets a initial top palm on Lesnar, though Lesnar starts to repress him.

Then a arbitrate is knocked unconscious, and Anderson and Gallows conflict Lesnar. The lights come behind on, Balor hits a Coup de Grace, and SummerSlam ends with a Bullet, or Balor, Club in a ring, with a too honeyed between a three.

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