Brad Maddox on a Line That Got Him Fired From WWE

December 4, 2015 - WWE

Last week, a WWE career of Brad Maddox came to an end. And it was rather wise that it happened when he wasn’t on television.

After all, when Maddox was called adult to WWE in 2012, a graduation came after a earnest run in a company’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, where he had won a tab titles twice and was a final hilt of a FCW 15 pretension before a NXT rebranding. So it was a warn to some when he debuted as a arbitrate in WWE. Still, he finished a many of a moment, changeable into a purpose of a hurtful central before vouchsafing his glamour gleam as a ubiquitous manager of Raw.

But after being “fired” from a GM position in 2014, he left from TV roughly immediately – save the occasional cameo as a turkey on The Tonight Show until he was released last week after operative a dim compare in Indianapolis. All in all, a male who was a earnest developmental wrestler managed to work only 8 televised matches on a categorical roster.

But Maddox isn’t mad. In fact, when he spoke to Rolling Stone, a male now famous as “Mad Braddox” certified that his banishment was substantially a good thing. Here’s what he had to contend about removing expelled by WWE, a frustrations he felt backstage and where he goes next.

What, exactly, led to we being expelled from WWE final week?
I had a dim compare in Indianapolis and we called a Indianapolis throng “pricks.” we didn’t cruise anything of it. That’s never been a bad word to me. we didn’t cruise it was inappropriate. Vince [McMahon] was examination and did not like it. That was flattering many a reason.

Did we get a possibility to lay down with Vince and try to explain your side during all?
No, we didn’t get a possibility to speak to him before we left. we wanted to, yet we didn’t get a possibility to. When we came to a back, people seemed separate on it. Half a locker room didn’t cruise we could contend that, a other half didn’t see a problem with it. To me, it’s like observant “screw you.” we didn’t cruise it was inapt during all, generally for a dim match. we was out there perplexing to work adult a crowd. It’s not for TV. I’m creation fun of a hometown and their football group and articulate to them directly. we was only perplexing to comfortable a throng up, that was my role. It only didn’t work out.

Do we feel there’s a bit of pomposity concerned here, given infrequently we see people on TV observant many worse things than “prick” and zero happens to them…
No, only given those things are privileged forward of time. You could call this “going into business for myself.” Which we unequivocally didn’t do. we didn’t cruise that I’d go out there and call them pricks and get beheld more. That’s not what we was doing during all. My disproportion weren’t privileged forward of time though. That’s a genuine difference.

I’d like to speak a bit about your career in WWE. You had been in FCW for a while, doing good there, yet when we were called up, it was as a referee. Did we know that was going to be your role?
I was told that it was going to pierce into a wrestling role. That was a regard of mine. we favourite a artistic suspicion of doing something opposite and unique, yet we didn’t wish to spin a full-time talker. we wanted to wrestle. we did all a things in developmental that they pronounced we have to do. They put trust in me by giving me several opposite championships in FCW. They gave me a Jack Brisco FCW 15 Championship, that was their genuine wrestling title, a homogeneous of a Intercontinental Championship. we had a FCW tab titles with Rick Victor. we approaching it to morph into a unchanging wrestling role.

What we didn’t know during a time was that it was a gimmick only to win CM Punk another match. we should have been some-more active about that. we should have left to Vince right off a bat, asked if he knew who we was and knew that we could wrestle. we should have asked where this was going and what they were going to do with me now that we was here. we only kind of approaching a writers to have some grand devise for Brad Maddox, and we positively shouldn’t have insincere that. That would substantially be one large regret, presumption that it was going to spin into something bigger than what it was.

Would we cruise that a biggest bewail of your WWE career?
When we listened about a angle, we only suspicion that this should be a unequivocally large deal. If you’re examination a Super Bowl and a Seahawk is returning an interception for a game-winning touchdown, and a arbitrate trips him adult during a 15-yard line and a Broncos win, that’s going to be a entirety of SportsCenter and ESPN for a subsequent dual months, right? That’s a outrageous thing. we suspicion they would do some-more with it. we should have finished a pull and knocked on Vince’s doorway and asked if we’re going to make a many of this. we should have asked if he knew if we could reason my own, and had been lerned in your developmental complement for 3 years. But we didn’t do that. we talked to writers about it, yet they weren’t a right people.

Was that given we were new and didn’t wish to exceed your bounds?
I suspicion that we could get things finished yet going to Vince directly. More, it was only being fearful to do it. After they “fired” me off of TV, off a ubiquitous manager role, it was shortly after that they stopped roving me, and we sat during home for 8 or 9 months. It was during that duration that we motionless that we didn’t caring how things were ostensible to go or ostensible to work, if we got my possibility to get behind there that we would go true to Vince, and I’d speak to him as many as we could. we would take things into my possess hands – that we did when we got behind on a road. If we had finished that during a right time, when we was hot, things substantially would have left a lot differently.

When they transitioned we to a GM role, what were your thoughts?
I missed wrestling a whole time. As shortly as we came adult and started transitioning into a referee, we missed it immediately. we kind of felt like we was during a rise of my wrestling abilities when they brought me up. So we immediately missed it. On a other hand, it was flattering surreal removing to work directly with Vince and Triple H and Stephanie each week. we have overwhelming practice only going over promos with Vince in his office. It was unequivocally cool. It hold me over, yet I’ve missed wrestling for about 3 years now.

It seems like from what you’re saying, we had a flattering good knowledge operative with Vince. Do we feel like he’s some-more permitted and large than his repute leads people to believe?
If that repute is still around, afterwards it’s a myth. He likes guys who hit on his door. He’s a artistic mastermind, so he likes it when we come in and representation him an suspicion so he can lay there and cruise about it with you. You can speak about a artistic side of wrestling with him. we cruise there’s a tarnish that Vince’s doorway is some-more intimidating than he is. When we came back, we wasn’t fearful to hit on his doorway anymore, yet we was gay that once we did, he was unequivocally easy to speak to. He was unequivocally easy to representation ideas to, and he was listening to what we only pitched him, and he would give feedback. He competence give we opposite ideas. He was unequivocally cold to work with.

After a GM angle, given do we cruise it was so formidable for we to get we behind on television?
I unequivocally don’t know. we cruise it was partially that we indispensable to representation a small bit stronger forward of time. we indispensable to work with Vince during that time. we had listened that one of a reasons they wanted to get me out of a GM purpose was so we could start wrestling again. But we can’t leave your predestine in other people’s hands. And those writers, they have their hands full. They’ve got a full register of guys that they have to devise out each week. Then all has to be run by Vince. It’s unequivocally only a matter of meaningful that given we wasn’t one of a some-more critical guys, we had to representation harder during a right time.

What were some of a ideas we were pitching to get behind on TV?
I did this one thing where we acted like we was mislaid in a cave, in Mexico. I put these videos out online. Then it turns out that we wasn’t lost, it was only a broadside stunt. It turns out that we had mislaid my mind, yet it wasn’t given we was stranded in a cave, it was from being stranded during home. we wanted to spin into a male who only flipped out from descending off his layer as being a many critical male on Raw to a male who mislaid his dream pursuit and all else with it. A male who became mentally unstable, yet not in a Dean Ambrose way. we messed around with some split-personality things as well. we like to try to get creative, and infrequently we go too distant outward a box. Those were some of my favorite pitches.

Even yet it was especially in dim matches, how did it feel to get behind in a ring this summer?
I always adore it. The problem was that we would have dim matches for one week, or dual weeks and afterwards I’d be off for a month. They would be pointless matches. we was enjoying it, yet we like removing in a rhythm. we wish to work 3 or 4 matches a week, adequate where cardio isn’t an issue. It was only so totally different. we had prepared to get behind in a ring, yet it’s only so opposite from indeed being in a ring. You have to have a lot of matches to get that flesh memory back, and we lacked a exercise over a past 3 years.

Why do we cruise we weren’t given some-more of an event to wrestle?
It was only a approach that we came up, we think. They pegged me for a arbitrate thing given we was a athletic guy. we wasn’t too large for a role. It unequivocally only morphed into it. That’s a time we should have left to a right people and told them that we wanted to wrestle. It was only how we was brought up, and a miss of communication on my part. It only morphed into that, substantially in partial given we can speak sincerely well.

It’s been a week given we were released. Have any other companies contacted we about entrance in and operative for them?
People have been contacting me. I’m still operative on my diversion plan. By no means do we cruise that I’m finished wrestling. I’m also focusing a lot on acting, that is my other passion. I’m certain I’ll be doing a bit of both. Acting has been a flourishing passion of cavern over a past 5 or 6 years. Before then, it was something that we was a bit too shaken to get into. Now we unequivocally suffer it. That’s one of a reasons we make so many YouTube videos on my own. we like to be artistic and try out opposite characters. Actually, in Dusty Rhodes’ promo class, we got wearied with a customary wrestling promo flattering quickly, so we only started doing uncanny things. I’d come out with a opposite impression each week, or I’d try doing an romantic or a thespian scene. we only played around with it. That was my stage, and that’s where my passion for that developed.

I gamble Dusty contingency have desired that.
He did. At slightest on 5 opposite occasions he said, “Baby, we need to get out of this wrestling business and go to Hollywood.” we pronounced that we appreciated it, yet we was perplexing to get a pursuit here right now.

Do we cruise you’ll take indie dates as we pursue your behaving career?
I’m not finished wrestling. we also need to make a small income while I’m still relevant. So I’ll be holding advantage of that over a subsequent integrate months. I’m going by Mad Braddox right now. It’s easy to remember that one. No doors are ever sealed for me. There’s no revelation what will open up. I’m not against to anything, so we’ll see.

If Vince came behind to you, contend 3 months from now, and asked if you’d come back, would you?
[long pause] We’ll see. It unequivocally depends on what I’m doing.

While apparently we didn’t wish to be fired, with all that happened previously – sitting during home, struggling to be on TV – is there a partial of we that sees this as a good thing?
Oh yeah, completely. Now we have opportunities forward of me. It’s a small nerve-racking, given there’s such a change in routine. It was kind of good drifting to work on Sunday, not work for dual days and afterwards fly home on a Wednesday. That wasn’t bad. we had a lot of time to lift my 3 year old. So a change in slight is a small nerve-racking, and a different is a small nerve-racking, yet other than that I’m unequivocally vehement about it.

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